This piece was gifted to us by a vampiric associate. He told us that it has been gifted with the power of youth. Since vampires tend to not age all that much, he had no real use for it. He explained to us that the youth spell cast upon this item was placed there by a ancient vampire lord. He made this piece so his loved ones would live longer and remain youthful without having to give them the vampiric curse. <br /><br />

To attain the powers of this piece, one must be sure to take it out at night during a full moon so the enchantments on the piece stay charged and infused with the night energies. Be sure to not miss a full moon, as the piece will not work until the next full moon comes about. When the enchantment is working, ones youth stays intact for a much longer amount of time, possibly extending your life span! When wearing the piece one will notice a big spike in stamina. You'll feel revived with a new sense of youth, and the immortality powers of the vampires will be under your control!

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