What is the first thing women, and gay men, talk about when they are sharing with their friends about a seuxal encounter? 9 times out of 10 it is the size of the guys package! Did his manhood measure up... 

Well most men wish they had a little more length or girth, some are endowed with foot long cocks, but most are average, which are very pleasurable, but in today's society overlooked. This is not going to grant you massive inches, but it will implore a flow of regulant magic to your groin to allow more blood flow and impart some growth and girth.

In my opinon if a penis is too big it is scary -- I experienced one of those years ago -- it was not even appealing! However if you have a small little thing, you may want some help -- or if you are average and would like just a bit more, this will work for that as well.

A small penis is never anything someone want to see, or play with. It is not enjoyable to really have to work to enjoy your encounter.

So like this elephants trunk, you will be wrathed with the essential magic that will create a bigger "trunk" for you in your pants!

Great for you if you desire some growth, or for your partner/boyfirend/husband if you want to feel their tunk grow bigger !!

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