The ancient Sumerians as well as other ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians concluded the existence of those beings that were massively intelligent.  They were called the Watchers.  They were the angels of God who were larger than any other being to have visited Earth, and to the Sumerians they were an ancient race of alien that had visited the Earth for one reason or another.  Annunaki was not one as previously believe, but many.  They were the fallen angels of God that had fallen from the planet Niburu which is a heavenly body just out of scope of Human existence.  They weren't fallen by choice, but under the orders of God, that they should fall to the Earth to watch over his creation-- to teach them the ways of light and give them the intellect which they needed to survive. 

According to references from texts, the Annunaki came to harvest gold.   This was more of a metaphor meaning that the beings came to Earth to harvest the powers of the mind.  They knew god had planted the seeds into his creation, but knew that through the falling out of the Garden of Eden the seeds had become lodged in a part of the brain that was no longer activated.  However, through divine interception the Annunaki could manipulate the brain in ways that would stimulate the powers called the Starseed of God.  Thus, the Annunaki harvest the powers of the original Starseed of God and the result were a race of people known as Indigos.  Indigos refers collectively to any person who has achieved a certain white light enlightenment that allows them to know the powers of God.  There are indigos all over the world... some Egyptian, some Sumerian... I'm assuming some might be Eskimo.  The point is, race has nothing to do with it. There are people that have achieved spiritual excellency and have obtained the knowledge and truth that has allowed them to extract the pure powers of the Starseed that God has put into them. 

With that being said, along the course of time, man has had fallings out with God.  Time and time again we have turned our back on God for other ways or whatever the reason may be.  Today, with a few exceptions, we have deteriorated to a race of individuals that needs to see to be able to believe.  The power of faith is no longer instilled and the Starseeds that God has planted in select humans all over the world have fallen to the wayside.  The few Indigos that are left have had to substantially teach themselves to activate the powers God has instilled in them. 

The item we are offering is the pure extract of a starseed.  When you use this piece, it open up your eyes and awaken your Indigo DNA.  Today there are people that exhibit ADD and Anxiety or other mental dystfunctions, simply because they are filled with these powers and will not embrace them.  Instead of embracing them, the government suppresses them with pills and medication.  Don't fall under the influence of stupidity.  Bond with this item.  When you do, your Indigo DNA will become fully active and the powers of the Starseed of God will flow through your white light third eye, giving you a direct psychic connection to Heaven.  This piece will bring you the direct powers of God, as instilled in his cherished humans years ago in the Garden of Eden before their fall from Grace.  It will open the skies and allow you to peer into the Garden of Eden to obtain the powers that existed in God's own created Garden, which is fully inhabited by Angels now!  This is an ultimate psychic connection to God and a full arrangement of the powers of his special race of people, the Starseed Indigos. 



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