The Eye of Africa

If you were to take a plane trip across Africa, you might be enticed to peer out of your window. I wouldn't be, but you might be. If you peer out the window and you are flying over the Northern part of the African continent, you may have the distinct pleasure of seeing the Eye of Africa, formally known as the Richat Structure. The Richat structure has come to be known as the Eye of Africa, because from so far up, that is exactly what it looks like... an eye. You can google it, the image is amazing!!

According to history and geography books, this Eye is a physical, yet naturally forming phenomenon. Experts first claimed that the Eye was formed a meteor that impacted Earth. After that theory was disproved, people needed an explanation to ease their doubtful minds. After all, this pool of water is located in the middle of the barren Sahara Desert, the largest in the world. So, they blamed it in on sand and water erosion, saying that this phenomenon is merely and uncovered geological uplift.

Sometimes in life things happen that are unexplainable, because the human mind isn't capable of comprehending it. It's okay if the riddle can't be solved. Personally, I think it is comforting to think that sometimes things are caused by a higher power and that humanity is not the beginning and ending of our existence. This means we are not solely responsible for anything or any part of destiny.

I can't say I ever saw the Eye of Africa personally. I have a friend Derrick who did. In fact, he saw a lot of the African continent on a missions trip that he took when he was in a Christian military academy in high school. He has seen some things that are both interesting and terrifying. It would take way to long to recount everything; however, this item is a souvenir that he brought back to me from the trip. It comes from a religious sect of folks who live somewhere in the country Mauritania. This is the country in which the Eye is located.

This covert religious group practices a magic that I have never come across ever before in my life. It isn't dark, but it is very mysterious and it actually took a while to manifest the powers that they had to offer. Derrick received this piece for helping these people gain proper food and medical supplies. They are poor and had nothing else to offer to Derrick, so this is what they gave him as a token of appreciation.

The piece was divined by the leader of the group who was the leader because he acts as a liaison between the mortal and their world of spirits and gods. He was somewhat of a shaman and somewhat of a diviner. Either way, he gave a full explanation of the Eye. The Eye was given to his people as a gift from the spirits and is the only existing physical manifestation of their powers. The Eye was sent to watch over his people, and to give them them magic that belonged to their ancestors and the ancients. It is a core magic that combines all of the elements of the Earth into one big alchemical all-source. This power runs through the pool found in the center of the Eye of Africa.

During a ritual that involved water from The Eye and a white hot Holy Fire, this piece was divined. It has all the powers of the Eye and the covert group of mystics that sponsor it. It will give you the powers of the holy water found in the Eye of Africa. You will recieve their magical abilities and powers. I can't really explain it to you, it's one of those "you have to experience for yourself" scenarios.

Unfortunately, Derrick had to leave me. He's in Michigan now, way too far away. He was never one to believe in magic. He left this piece behind when he left. I called him to let him know but he told me to keep it, because he didn't believe in "hocus pocus" anyway. Little did he know...

During testing of this piece I was introduced to a lot of new concepts that I've never experienced before. I was amazed at what these concepts could do for me and what they meant altogether. I was given enlightenment that allowed me to know such things and be able to utilize the knowledge that was given to me. This piece is very powerful and it's rare. It's definitely a one-of-a-kind and offers a very different type of magic.

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