The Daruma Doll is a Japanese doll used for good luck and goal setting. Japanese officials sometimes use them to win elections, and they are given as good luck manifestors throughout Japan.

This is an eye of the Daruma. You will make a doll from any material that works for you- it doesnt have to be perfect. Make the doll from scraps of cloth, wood, clay, whatever works for you.You must put a face on this doll, and you give them one eye. Holding the doll in your hand, and wearing the ring, you focus on what you want, what you need, what you want it to accomplish for you. After that, you add the other eye to the doll. It brings you what you want.

This is a powerful piece, and not to be played with lightly, getting its energy from the creatures of the magic tree, so it WILL do what you want.

NEVER get rid of the doll, but you may put it away somewhere.

The stone in this is beautiful, pulsing and glittering with power. It is size 5 1/2, and sterling.  Or it can be worn as a pendant on a chain. 

I only have one.

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