Meet Storm and her eye of power. This is a witches eye,an all seeing eye. We call them that here at HauntedCuriosities because I do most all of the research on pieces brought in or gained in one way or another.  Through learning in all my years history has been my favorite subject,that and science. I have learned that these little shells were called witches eyes for as long as the Earth has been here.


It is that they look like eyes but that is not all. They conduct a certain electrical field. This is why you will find that witches that hold seances and conjure will wear these. Once they pass beyond human eyesight it allows them to be as if they were dead and gain the powers of the dead. This means that they have the 'knowing". The knowing allows a witch or a person with the all seeing eye to look,learn and experince as a dead person would. This also allows for the seeing into the future and the prevention.  There is a pretty huge list of what you can do with the all seeing eyes of the witch.


You may,

see into the future and create a double of yourself to change or stay and prevent something for you. This is not hard at all. You will simply see a mirror before with you in it and you will tell it ( you) what you need. Once a few short sentences are spoken the person will know all you do and know what to do from then on out.


you will have the ability to conjure,anything.


you will see the future of others.


your eye will allow you to see ALL,this does mean ALL. This means with out a seance,trans or astral travel. Once you place the ring on it works,that simple.

This does come with a spirit to guide you,her name is Storm. She is 24 and born in the month of February.

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