Earth Brain

The Universe's Superconcsious

In the 1930s a neurosurgical procedure was introduced for epileptics in which a patients exposed brain was operated on.  During the process the patient remained fully conscious and aware of his surroundings.  On the first try, an electrode was placed on the patient's temporal lobe, which sparked a flashback to an episode earlier in the patient's life. 

Later, a group of paranormal scientists actually set up experimentation that determined that they temporal lobe is actually a human gateway that connects the human conscious with the Universal Superconscious.  The Universal Superconscious is a network of energy that governs all things. 

The Universal Superconscious is the hub of existence within our galaxy.  It is the central command center from which humans obtain all their conscious elements-- thoughts, beliefs, sensations, perceptions, emotions, etc.  You can think of it kind of like a realistic version of the Matrix, in which all humans are "plugged" into. 

This item was developed by neuroscientists that will allow you to elevate your mind and live above the influence.  You will gain the wisdom of the Neural networks that exist in space.  These are the Brain of the Universe that allow the bodies within to interact and react with eachother, such as orbiting around the Sun.  The trickle down effect controls the minds of humans and other beings, allowing them to be connected into a vast network of existence.  This power will allow you to identify the network and to see into the network as a separate entity.  Here, you will be able to know all things-- how the whole things works and what keeps the energy flowing.  You will be able to see all things that have ever happened and will ever happened.  The network knows all things.  Some say it was created by GOd, Himself.  This piece will allow you find to out with the knowledge of the network to know all things.  You will also gain the energetic flow that holds the universe together at its seams, which will allow you to manifest any type of power in the realm of Earth.  This will basically give you the status of a powerful sorcerer or a master sage.    


This a size 10 Sterling Silver Man's Ring.

Earth Brain
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