Eden's Elixirs

The Catholics take communion every Sunday, the Methodists do it once a month.  It doesn't really matter, the point is that this procedure is indicative and symbolic of taking the blood and body of Christ in the form of wine and bread, which is magically transformed once we digest it.  Or at least that is the theory.  I pretty much just take it face value and understand it as a representation of the pair, but there are people that believe they are drinking the blood of Christ.  If that's what they believe, then maybe for them, they are drinking the blood of Christ.  I wasn't sent here to judge.  I just do my thing and try to be the best person that I can be.  Now, if you want to drink the blood of Christ for real, then paying attention to the rest of this description is of the utmost importance. I don't think that we have offered a piece like this before, and if we have it has been so long that I don't remember it anymore.  Either way, I'm sure this one is more powerful and it is more recent also.  However, this is not the only power that has been set into this piece-- or should I say this pair.  Keep reading.  

This is an original piece, because Deedee found it while she was on an astral travel to the Garden of Eden.  Honestly, she goes there a lot.  She says it clears her mind and she likes to roll in the clean pastures and fields.  I've been there a few times myself, but I have only rolled in the pastures once or twice.  She takes the verse, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures," way too far; but whatever floats her boat, I suppose.  So, on this last journey, as she was traveling through she discovered the Tree of Life.  I don't be to be contradictory or anything.  I know that I've told you before we have this piece or that piece that has come from the Tree of Life.  You have to understand that the Tree of Life never is in the same spot.  That means when you travel to the Garden of Eden, whether astrally or physically, you never really know where the Tree of Life is going to be located.  Yes, there is one that grows in the secret coves of the Vatican, but that's an off shoot of the original.  The original Tree of Life, the Holy Pillar, is in the Garden of Eden-- and it changes position.   Well more like it teleports positions.  Every time we go there, it's an expedition.  This why our Tree of Knowledge pieces are so special to us, and should be to you as well.  Most of them require a ton of effort on our part.  

This time, it wasn't too super hard, but it still required a decent amount of effort. As Deedee found the Tree of Knowledge after some time, it appeared as it normally did with is band of angles at the bottom.  These angles have been commissioned by God to form a ring of holy protection around the Tree of Life that way Satan may not oppress the tree in anyway shape or form-- especially not by possessing and taking the form of the serpent again.  These angels are called Angels of Life and they are forbidden to break their embrace.  They are Oracles of Holiness and will tell those who have pure souls, all the secrets they want to know.  Good thing Deedee Deedee is pure, because she was speaking to the angels.  This happened because she got really close to one of the angels and it began whispering secrets in Deedee's ear.  She stood there listening to the angel and when the angel was done, she took off in a particular direction, as if she was on a mission for something; and she was.  

Deedee wouldn't tell me from where she got these elixir bottles.  All I know is that they come in their own little case, they display flowers on them and they aren't off this realm. I don't know if they are one of the treasure left behind by Adam and Eve and they are just insanely preserved because of the white light powers of the piece, or if this is a piece that was stuck there later on.  I know they are nothing of this world, I just don't know the age on them, because they have been kept in perfect shape.  I'm not sure from what part of Eden this piece comes, because Deedee didn't tell me.  I asked her, and asked her, and begged her, and pleaded with her to tell me.  The closest I have ever gotten to an answer is something about the Stream of Life that flows on the West end of Eden.  Other than that I've got nothing.  What I do know is that I witness her bringing these back from her astral travel and that they are the real thing.  They are true "OG" powers and by "OG" I mean Original God.  They haven't been replicated or replaced, but these vessels have been touched by the hands of God, I just don't know where they were hidden; And as a condition of getting them Deedee had to swear to privacy.  It's complicated, but it works out well in the end.  

These vessels are a very powerful tool in your growth of spirituality.  They each hold and incorporate the powers of the Blood of Christ.  The first one that you see listed is the one that comes packaged on the left side of the case they are held in.  This one is the Blood Elixir of Christ.  When you place either wine or grape juice into this bottle and then drink it, you are consuming the Blood of Christ.  With this consumption comes the ability to be like Christ.  You will be able to live his white light legacy by performing his miracles and practicing his magic.  You will know all things and the answers to all secret questions, including the mysteries that were recorded in the Bible.  

The second is the Elixir of Ascension, and comes when you fill the second bottle with water.  It will transform into a Holy Water and when you drink it, you will be given the ability to ascend into Heaven like Christ did when he rose from the grave.  It is a carnal ascension, not one by death.  It is the same type of ascension that the prophet Elijah received when he went to Heaven in a chariot of fire.  This is the same ability you are gaining when you drink the Elixir of Ascension. You will be able to travel to the realm of Heavens, where you will be able to encounter and communicate with the rest of God's creations.  There is a lot more than simply angels to behold, too; but I'm not going to spoil the surprise.  

These little bottles that produce very strong elixirs are a one of a kind set.  We will not get another like this!  Waste no time, get this piece today! 

Eden's Elixirs
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