Egg's From the Dragon Garden

Once in a while you come across a place that you have no idea existed until... well... you came across it. It's like an unintentional reconnaissance of an area that is rich and plentiful in magic and mystique. It has lots of powers to offer and dragon alchemy. Okay... well at lease the place that I discovered did. Maybe yours didn't... but mine did. I found this realm, called the Dragon Garden, during my astral travels. I didn't find in on purpose, but rather I kind of just "floated" into the realm. The realm felt magical and right. It is always dusk here. Dragons fill the sky as abundantly as fireflies on a summer night, glimmering and shimmering, like a never ending fireworks show. They are not hostile. They are not volatile. They just exist peacefully in their own realm, doing their own thing. They have all of their wisdom and all their magic sharing it abundantly and using it for the betterment of their universe. Everything exists together here and nothing grows apart or separately. The are ancient immortals who have buzzed the skies for ages. During my travel and subsequent travels, I have been able to collect five dragon eggs. They are placed in the five gems of this bracelet. I brought them back to our realm for rearing and they are simply waiting for a human host to develop and maintain a connection with. These five dragons will bring you five distinct powers and magics from the Dragon Garden. We can't tell you what these five powers will be. You will have to figure that out later, because as the dragons age, they will morph to meet your magical needs, as these dragons are very loyal and helpful.
Egg's From the Dragon Garden
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