Egyptomologists Pyramid Power -- GH

On Monday, April 5, 1909, The Arizona Gazette headline on the front page entitled "Explorations in Grand Canyon: Remarkable finds indicate ancient people migrated from Orient." The article was about an expedition led by S. A. Jordan, a professor, and financed by the Smithsonian Institute where artifacts were discovered that are contrary to conventional history.  On this expedition, tablets bearing hieroglyphs, copper weapons, statues of Egyptian deities and mummies were discovered inside a cavern dating back to Ramses, circa 1292 BC.  The article deems this as the oldest discovery in the United States and one of the most valuable ever made.  Another adventurer, G. E. Kincaid, a life-long, hunter and explorer, born in Idaho and an archaeologist with the Smithsonian for 30 years, brought artifacts found in the cavern with him to the newspaper interview.  Kincaid explained that the entrance to the cavern, on government land, is 1,486 feet down a sheer canyon wall. A crypt with mummies,very artistic urns and cups of copper and gold and a shrine containing an idol of the people's god were all found.  Preparations were underway to equip the site for extensive research and to increase the number of workers to thirty or forty.
Then, doubt and dispersions are being cast.  The truth of this story is in doubt simply because the site has never been re-found. The Smithsonian disavows all knowledge of the discovery and claims Professor Jordan does not exist!  Several expeditions searching for the cavern have failed.  It is believed that the site is now in a restricted area and can't be found again.  When a credible newspaper, still published to this day, over 110 years later writes a detailed, front-page story several pages long, with interviews, naming the venerable Smithsonian, it's hard to believe such a story came out of thin air.  Are we now to believe this was just a journalistic hoax?
Consider the archaeological finding in the Grand Canyon, along other evidence, traditions and culture and it's clear our understanding of the earliest days of North American Civilization is challenged and incomplete to say the very least!  It appears that human culture is much older than history books would admit.  Clues from the past, sunken cities, ancient structures, other hieroglyphs and artwork could even suggest that entire civilizations, possible with advanced technologies, have appeared, flourished, then died out.
We have found the secret messages hidden by hieroglyphs in the Grand Canyon!  Protected by 1,024 bit encryption, a level that exceeds cipher strength in use today, the source code for and ancient energy was discovered!  As we suspected, deciphering the hieroglyphs unlocked the mystery of a civilization far advanced beyond ours.  Ancient people, having powers of space travel, full telepathic ability and knowledge to harness the unknown powers hidden in the pyramids who once inhabited the Grand Canyon!
** This piece will help you uncover the secret to travels in space, telepathically and physically!  Egyptomologists have long suspected a phenomenon called "pyramid powers" which include weightlessness and time distortion.  This item unlocks the mystery of the hieroglyphsleft by the ancient space travelers.  We know now they relied on the power of the pyramids.  Now you can tap into their powers necessary for space travel and full telepathic abilities.
This ring opens up and will clarify the energies in a certain area to dechiper and uncover the attributes needed for you to adhere to the pyramid powers -- awesome piece~!
Egyptomologists Pyramid Power -- GH
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