Eight Astral Heads-sale

This piece weights in upon the magic of Norse Mythology.  It contains the presence of a beast named Sleipnir.  Sleipnir is Odin's stead upon which he rides into battle and pretty much anywhere he goes, including into the realm of Hel, which is what the Norse call the Underworld.  To do this Odin needed an exception stead, which is why Sleipnir was chosen to fulfill this role.  He would not only ride faster and stronger than any other horse. 

Additionally, Sleipnir had 8 heads, which is the primary reason that he was chosen as the lead horse.  Each of Sleipnir's heads could see into a different realm all at the same time.  It made Odin's journeys to other realms and plains of existence seamless as if there was no difference at all, because the heads of his horse could reach into other realms while the others will still in one and transport the whole mass as one unit to the new existence.  It sounds difficult, but trust me... it was easy for Sleipnir.  He's a pro. 

This piece gives you the psychic ability of all 8 of Sleipnir's heads.  It will give you seven additional astral heads in addition to your own.  This way, you can have one head in our human realm and seven in seven different realms at one time.  It is kind of like bi-location except with seven different heads seeing seven different things all at once-- the 8th will remain in the mortal realm.  This will allow each of your heads to gain the powers and insight of the other realms simultaneous and stream and all powers back to the mortal realm where you will gain the power and knowledge of all powers and abilities.  You will be able to use this magic in the mortal realm, where your real existence is anchored.  Thus, this piece will bring you an endless amount of magic because your astral heads will just continue to bring you magic. 

Eight Astral Heads-sale
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