Einstein and the All Source

Einstein and the All Source

The piece that you see above is a rare form, not one of a kind, but one of a few. I have a obtained the piece from a friend of mine that describes himself as a para-physicist. He studies the weird, supernatural, and unexplained, so it came as no surprise to me when he sent me the piece that you see above. At is request, I was to test the piece for authenticity and aptitude. I was able to confirm that the piece not only worked, but worked well. It is a rare find, and as a reward for my assistance, my pal let me keep the piece that he had sent me, because he has a few more.

Now comes the exciting part. What does this piece actually do? What is so special about it? Well my para-physicist friend had actually been working in conjunction with world renowned physicist, Thomas Harvey. For those of you who are not familiar with Thomas Harvey, please, allow me to introduce you. He is the physicist that was looked down upon, fired, and denounced by his colleagues for performing an autopsy on Albert Einstein’s brain after he had died. I’m not sure why, because a good brain should never go to waste, and that’s exactly what would have happened, had Albert’s brain been left to rot somewhere in a casket.

In this piece that you are about to own, is hidden a very deep secret that Albert Einstein had secretly hidden from the world, and that is the origins of the All Source. This is where all his unconventional wisdom haled from. He has kept this secret from civilization because he was smart enough to realize that the general population wasn’t enough to handle such a responsibility; however Tom Harvey and his colleague (my friend) discovered this secret and wouldn’t disclose at the time, making other scientists jealous, and thus leading to his status as a scientific vigilante. Eventually, Thomas relinquished his findings to a few reliable, responsible sources, including ourselves here at Haunted Curiosities. Now, we want to relinquish it to a responsible individual who is going to take it seriously.

The power withheld by the All Source is just that, everything rolled into one. You have the very energy that creates and destroys matter. You can create splendid beauty, you can destroy filthy wastelands. You can create and destroy powers and abilities into existence. You can absorb energies from others. You will be able to control time, stopping it and starting it at your sole discretion. Accordingly, you will hold the secrets to time travel and space travel, being able to implement them as you choose. You will able to create and destroy spirit matter, similar to the way God has. The possibilities are limitless, just don’t get out of control with it, because you could do permanent damage. And remember, should you go completely buck wild with your new power, there are scientists with the same power that could eliminate your power... you follow? Happy trails and enjoy!!

These pieces are in 14k gold with real stones. These are truly amazing and if you must buy yourself a gift or someone else for x-mas then these are it. They are earrings because they need to be close to the brain,these work with the brain by altering waves to a higher level. I have a few pairs that I have kept. From my understanding some of this secret power was discovered during the philadelphia experiment.
Einstein and the All Source
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