Eleatic School and the Infinite Soul

Eleatic School of Metaphysical Cycles The original society, which was founded by Greek Philosopher Parminides of Elea, has paved the way and provided a foundation which has been built up the current understanding of metaphysics. Without his contributions, it is doubtful that metaphysics would be nearly as effective and enlightening as it is today. What the Eleatic School did was challenge the ideas of human kind, the powers of the human soul, and the spiritual cycle of rebirth and restoration. Their ancient form of magic taught people how to reincarnate and release the powers within them that they learned from the metaphysical lifestyle. Basically, what they did was teach people how to reincarnate their soul, while keeping their full memories and all powers and knowledge that they acquired in previous life times. This the School did by mastering the concepts of nature and the cyclic soul. They taught an ancient form of divination called soul alchemy that would allow a person's soul to bust out of entrapment, but providing a key to immortalized rebirth of the soul and eternal knowledge. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, these white-light beings came under attack by dark beings that wanted to keep the powers for themselves. There was a war during which the white-lighters were caught without force fields or proper spiritual protection and their chains were reinstated and they were again bound in ignorance. It was an attack on what the white-lighters call the infinite soul-- a soul that has been completely restored to retain its identity through reincarnation and soul rebirth. However... we have obtained this piece that contains metaphysical powers and energies of Parminides and his Eleatic School. This piece will give you the powers of the infinite soul. It will open up your knowledge and powers to soul rebirth. This means that you will awaken all of your previous lives' powers and abilities. When you are re birthed as a new individual, your soul will retain all the knowledge and powers and abilities and magic and anything else that you have acquire along the way and allow you to bring it with you... where your path may take you. You will also gain the benefit of a white-light force field that will keep you safe from dark and evil saboteurs. You don't want to mingle with these dark powers, because they could regress you back to your normal state, before your awakening and stripping you of your power of the Infinite Soul. This piece is so much more than adding physical or esoteric powers or abilities to your life. This piece is deep-rooted in the metaphysical soul... your eternal existence. It will fortify and strengthen your existence... forever... in all past lifetimes, this one, and all that will come your way. Using this power will assure that you will gain the power of the Infinite Soul forever. This, my friends, is something you seriously want to think about and don't want to pass up. THERE IS NO PICTURE FOR THIS PIECE, BECAUSE EACH PIECE IS TAILORED TO EACH PERSON. IN ORDER TO APPROPRIATELY ACTIVATE THE POWER IN YOUR PIECE, YOU WILL NEED TO EMAIL DEEDEE (ONLY ONCE!!) WITH YOUR NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH. THESE PIECES ARE DONE IN ALL STERLING SILVER, WHICH MAGNIFY THE POWERS THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE.
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