Electromagnetic Mind Control

Electromagnetic Mind Control

Although mind control has been a factor for years now, it seems that a newly perfected technology has hit battlefields and has affected warfare in ways that are usually only seen in science fiction movies.  These types of weapons have been deemed weapons of mass destruction and have been outlawed by the United Nations and many other countries, citing their cruel, inhumane, and invasive properties.  However, this hasn't stopped the good ole US of A from using these weapons during their war with the Iraqi people and probably countless other hosts.  It also hasn't stopped them from using these powers against their own people.  Read on. 

On the evening of October 23, 2007 a battle raged in Northern Iraq.  American troops didn't know the terrain and the Iraqi soldiers had the upper hand.  The troops were losing.  Reinforcements were called in and they brought with them what looked like a small computer.  The computer was set in a centralize location, aimed towards opposing troops and left alone.  The enemies, in turn, dropped to their knees and surrendered to American troops and their allies.  On November 2, the same thing happened again.  As battle raged, troops from the opposition kindly laid their weapons on the ground and rescinded into the woods.  So, then what's going on? 

As reported in the Washington Post, the Unites States Army is using what are known as Electromagnetic Pulse weapons against the enemy.  This technology was developed during the cold war, but was recently perfected in conjunction with top military officials who served under George Bush.  During the Cold War these weapons were used to induce thoughts of suicide in individuals, causing them to commit suicide unwillingly.  These weapons have been called weapons of mass destruction by the Soviet Union and the west agreed.  They also agreed not to develop such weapons because of their brutal nature.  Should such a weapon find its way into the wrong hands it would be detrimental. 

By now I'm sure you're wondering how the weapon works.  Well, it's simple.  Okay, maybe it isn't SIMPLE, but I have a pretty simple explanation.  The weapon creates hallucinatory affects and alternate realities on the target.  This is done when electromagnetic, synthetic brainwaves interject normal thoughts of the intended target, giving the person who is controlling the electromagnetic pulse full range of control.  You can create whatever thoughts you want to create and put them into another person's brain making them act in accordance to your own will. Sounds pretty spiffy right? Well, side affects of the weapon include internal bleeding, nausea, dementia, and other serious illnesses.  The scary part?  This weapon has been being used against our own people. 

Following election day, I received classified documents from a connection I have the works inside the pentagon.  According to the briefing, Barack Obama commissioned over a dozen of these wide-range mind control devices to be used at polling centers across the nation.  These machines were used to generate brainwaves that were to be aimed at our own American constituents to influence them and assure a vote for Barack Obama.  In the briefing, mention has also been made that during recent super storm Sandy, these devices have been used to control the minds of the masses, who threatened to riot which would have literally brought New York to a standstill and forced the federal government to do a better job.  Instead, their minds were blasted with rays that led them to a FEMA camps, which were doing dry runs in preparation for wrangling up the American citizens into their prison camps.  The briefing came with an item that supposedly has been technologically developed since the successful use and implementation of the original weapon in 2007.  This item contains nanotechnology that will do the same thing that the computer did during battles in Baghdad and other Iraqi and Afghan towns.  It holds the full mind control powers of the government that are implemented with supercharged electromagnetic brainwave technology.  It will allow you to obtain full control over the brain of your target to make them do as you please, when you please, how you please. 

Additionally, this piece will generate a shield for you.  This shield contains bio-manipulation energies that will shield your mind from ever suffering the consequence of electromagnetic brainwaves.  You will always remain in the know and not under the influence of some political or economic shmuck.  It will protect you from the onslaught of control the government seeks to oppress their people with by shielding you from many different types of rays that have also been developed to control the minds of the masses.  It is the ultimate protection piece that will protect your actions so you don't have to walk around saying, the devil made me do it... or Obama.. which is close enough.  Protect yourself from mind invasion now!  

This is sterling silver and the center of the ring is your powerhouse!


Electromagnetic Mind Control
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