Eleusian Wealth

It is from the Greek mystery schools that much of the magic-- and the way we understand magic in an of itself-- has come.  The most extraordinary of powers have come from the Greek mystery schools including both alchemy and sorcery, despite what history books would have you say.  Well, what I should say is that these powers were always in existence, but the Greek mystery schools turned this into practical application st hat could be given to the initiates of these schools, so that way they could understand the magic and how to make it work for them.  The initiates of these mystery schools were kept secret and met in secret.  The magic which they practiced was of utmost secrecy, the revelation of which was punishable by death.  
One of the most influential of these wealth schools was the one situated at Eleusis.  The town was a hamlet a few miles from Athens.  What flowed form the Eleusian Mysteries influenced Athens a great deal.  Thus, it also influenced the rest of the world.  The magic that has come out of the Eleusian Mysteries are some of the most powerful magic that has been known to human kind and will ever be known to human kind.  All sorts of magic was created and practiced there, including magic that was borrowed from other cultures such as the Chaldean peoples, the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Sumerians and so on and so forth.  The best way to describe the Eleusian Mysteries is to say that is was a most powerful meeting of the most magical minds. 
What stands left of the Eleusian school today is simply ruins and a few stained glass panels.  However, the magic that was been developed by the original school is taught in other places, which are just a secret and just as powerful as its predecessor.  The piece that we obtained was made with a power that was developed in the Eleusian mystery school.  It was developed as part of the Greater Mysteries and practiced in the Fall.  Originally, it was created to bring a plentiful harvest, which in those days was said to bring great wealth.  In today's world, unless you're a farmer, you are not to concerned with what is being harvested.  Instead, what this piece does is allows you to amass an unimaginable amount of wealth.  It is the same power that has kept the mystery school alive and wealth to this day!  This wealth will come mostly through liquid assets-- what I mean by this is cash.  However, it will work in your life through different other methods including job promotions, fame, and other profitable characteristics.  The wealth brought by this piece is seriously enormous.   
Eleusian Wealth
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