Elijah Brings Divinity

In the Bible, the prophet Elijah suddenly appears in the Book of 1 Kings. He is called Elijah the Tishbite, from Gilead. We don’t know anything about his family life—who his parents were, what sort of childhood he had, whether or not he had brothers or sisters, or whether or not he married and had children. We do know that, as a prophet, Elijah is in communication with God. He conveys God’s will to the people and challenges those who claim not to believe in God’s miraculous powers.

Elijah does not die but is taken up to Heaven in a fiery chariot. He is believed to travel between the worlds of Heaven and Earth. This is thought to be a reason why he reappears in Jewish folklore again and again, usually in disguise and just in time to help someone in great distress. He is known to reward the kind and pious. Sometimes the people who are helped by Elijah do not realize it is him until he has mysteriously gone.

In Jewish tradition, Elijah is welcomed into people’s homes on the seder night of Pesach, or Passover. The door is opened and a cup of wine is left for him. Elijah is thought to be present at the circumcision ceremony of each Jewish male child. He is believed to be the one who will announce the coming of the Messiah, the great redeemer of suffering for the Jewish people and, some believe, for the world. His name is mentioned in blessings and prayers, especially the song “Eliahu Ha-Novi”, which means “Elijah the Prophet” in Hebrew.

The stories in this book are associated with Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, and different holidays, including Yom Kippur, Succot, Hanukkah, and Pesach.

Elijah is shrouded in magic and mystery. Some people believe that they have met or will meet Elijah during their lifetime.

This hope to meet him has been clouded in past times because of the unknown aspect of the encounters. He is normally in and out with blessings, but often people are unsure and lose faith and the blessing dissipates.

We met a dominate Jewish enchantress who told us a variety of tales of the amazement that Elijah has brought forth into those in her community. She ritualized a potion that brings forth his power of divine blessing and will allow you to conduct desires into your life.

The potion is extremely potent and we were allowed to place 2 vessels within it for invoking purposes. She does not want higher powers to come after her due to messing with divine spirits, so she only wanted to invoke 10 total pieces. We were extremely lucky to get, to witness and walk away with, 2 pieces.

One piece was given to a friend of Deedee's who was struggling with faith and felt lost in the world. Elijah's spirit comes forth when the piece is worn and the body heat is absorb in the item --- he will come to you and showcase to you what your purpose is on this Earth.

God gives us all a purpose and we often get sidetracked and lose our path; with this piece you will be able to prosper and gain guidance to understand your faith and not have to question your beliefs. You will be showcased a presence, Elijah, who directly communicates with God and you will be blessed with miraculous powers. The powers given will depend on the variance of bruises showcased in your soul that have been formed and untreated throughout your life.

This is an amazing piece, and the last one we can possibly get; DO NOT DELAY -- this is a phenomenal connection piece to pure divine blessings!

Elijah Brings Divinity
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