Elisnore's 21 Heavens

Elisnore's 21 Heavens New Jersey is home to some of the most bizarre things you will ever see. Along with these oddities come some of the most compelling stories. Some of them are true, most of them are not. However, to find out for yourself you have to do some investigating. This item is the result of an original investigation that we underwent to find the true origins of the magic of Castle Elisnore, more commonly referred to as Moldenke's Castle. It is a structure that was constructed in the 1900s and kept a solemn watch over the Watchung Mountain range for nearly 70 years until 1969, the year of its demise. The castle was built to resemble the Moldenke family castle in Denmark and took over 30 years to complete. When is was finished, it was the home of one Dr. Richard Moldenke, a metallurgist who decorated the estate appropriately, with metal artifacts from his family such as swords, suits of armors and shields. Moldenke's father was a world famous Egyptologist whose heritage could be traced back to the times of the Third Crusade of Europe in 1189. So... there's some history behind this family. The castle itself was monstrous with at least 35 room and as many as 40. Walking into the room was a stunning site as there were two chandeliers composes of 8 civil war muskets each. The elaborate design cast a ominous glow about the mansion. Reports from people who were lucky enough to enter the castle before it was razed in 1969, say that when you entered the castle, you could feel the energy creeping towards you from the depths. It was one of those feelings where you knew that you should turn around immediately, but something lured you on. For those brave enough to follow their instincts, they would embark upon an eerie journey scaling odd constructions and decorations. However, none were as celebrated as the mausoleum. The mausoleum was built with 21 chambers to be exact. It housed the burial spots of some of Moldenke's kin. There is a deeper meaning and truth behind the mausoleum than what meets the eye. The Moldenke Mausoleum was built by Moldenke with a secret from his father. Remember, his father was an world famous Egyptologist. Thus, he was accustomed to strange things, himself. Now, if it weren't for the piece that I'm about to offer you, I'd say that the following was just hearsay and legend. There's really no accurate way of proving anything because the building has been razed. However, this piece is a testament to the power that fortified in the mausoleum built in conjunction with the Moldenke Castle. Being an Egyptologist, Moldenke's father had given his son, Richard, exact specifications of replicating a mausoleum that he had found deep underground, beneath the pyramids. The number of the mausoleum was carefully chose as it has the deep significance and power of 7 by 3. As a metallurgist, it comes as no surprise that Moldenke was a regular alchemist. We have learned this from inside sources who were actually around to witness the powers of the castle before it was razed. This is from whom we obtained this item. The item is one of the "Keys" to door of the 21 Chambers aka the 21 Chamber Mausoleum. It obviously isn't shaped like a key, but rather bears more significance. Richard was able to use his father's secret Egyptian Knowledge of the 21 Chambers, combine it with his own art of alchemy, and form a very powerful replication. This key is the result of his creative powers and abilities. As you all know that pyramids were built with a schematic given to Khufu by angelic visitors. The 21 chambers that are nestled beneath the Pyramid are the secrets to unlocking these chambers. They had been resurrected in New Jersey, holding all the magic of the original 21 chambers beneath the pyramids and the holding the powers of the 21 Heavens. The 21 Heavens are the 7 levels of Heaven seen through the eyes of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This key combines with ancient Egyptian knowledge and the knowledge of alchemy to produce a spiritual alchemy that will unlock the 21 Heavens (again, represented by the 21 chambers) for you. Each of the seven levels of Heaven holds a different energy that, when combined with a different aspect of the God-Head, will unlock a different dimensional plain. Thus, in reality, there are a possibility of 21 different levels of Heaven-- Seven High and Three parallel. Each Heaven holds divine truth and deep power. With this "key" you will be able to unlock the doors to the 21 Heavens. This will give you the powers of each Heaven as you unlock it and explore its existence and what the plain of existence has to offer. You will be able to store the powers that you come across in your key for easy access. This piece is a pure white light secret, and as you can imagine the powers will begin to snowball once you begin your journey. You will amass a ton of white powers with this item, as its previous owner had. Unfortunately, this is one of the very few remembrances left of the original Castle Elisnore. However, it is a very powerful artifact that will open your eyes in a way you've never experienced before. You don't want to live without this piece! THIS IS A GORGEOUS VINTAGE PIN WITH CRYSTALS STONE AND GLASS. IT WAS ORIGINALLY MADE IN AUSTRIA. THE COLORS ARE MAINLY PURPLE WITH AURA BOREALIS AND PINK GLASS. THIS WAS MADE TO BE STUNNING AND BECAUSE OF THIS WE THINK THIS IS WHY THE PIECE WAS CHOSEN. WHEN WEARING IT OR JUST PICKING IT UP YOUR ARE TAKEN BACK TO A TIME IN HISTORY WHEN THEY LIVES AS WELL AS ABLE TO PEER INTO THE LIVES EVEN IF IT IS BRIEF. IT IS BRIEF BECAUSE THAT IS NOT THE REASON FOR THE POWER IN THE PIN BUT RATHER FOR YOU TO SEE THOSE 21 HEAVENS. I FEEL THAT YOU FEEL THE POWER SO STRONGLY BECAUSE OF THE HUMAN SOUL AND HOW IT WAS MADE,WHO MADE IT AND THE INTENTIONS BEHIND THE MAKING OF THE PIECE AS A HOLDER OF EXTREME POWER. AT FIRST THE WHITE LIGHT OF THIS PIECE CAN FEEL SUPER SENSITIVE BUT YOU WILL GET PASSED IT AND BE GLAD YOU DID!
Elisnore's 21 Heavens
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