Elnora's Keeper

Elnora's Keeper
This piece holds Elnora, a spiritual vampire, and she is in search for someone to share her time with. Whether this be strictly a friendship, or a more romantic relationship she doesn't mind~!
She only wants to find someone that feels drawn to her and would like to partake in some energy exchange as well as indulge her taste for blood in the astral realm. 
She still has cravings for blood even in spirit form and quenches this thirst by drinking the blood of her keeper on the astral realm. This of course causes you no ill effects and most often has a sexual pleasure aspect to it!! You actually will feel more revived when she feeds from you astrally, as you will regiment a new structured flow in your bloodstream. 
Elnora would enjoy the company of a male or female keeper or even a couple. She appears as a woman in her 20's with blood red hair and almost translucent skin. 
Her eyes are a sparkling sea blue and seem to pierce right through you when she looks at you. She has a very nice body and tends to appear in very revealing clothing most times as she is most comfortable this way.
She will grant you sexual favors as well to thank you for bringing her into your life, if you desire this, -- this is for anyone, male, female or if you want an orgy, a couple can feel her pleasures at the same time!
Elnora's Keeper
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