Elvery of Alfheim

This piece was made with magic that was pulled from a realm known as Alfheim.  This is the land of Elves, as according to the Norse pantheon.  It is from this realm that most Norse powers and magic are derived.  Elves are known as superior beings of magic and each one is given a specific magical ability.  Together these forms of magic are what make the realm Alfheim so spectacular to behold, because it is built a little bit stronger and more beautiful with the birth of each Elf and his or her power.  

This piece pulls the energy of Alfheim, to bring you your very own elf.  You will have to determine whether you want male or female elf and you will have to give your elf a name, naturally.  Once you name your elf it will receive its divine coronation of power.  This is when your elf, which will act similar in nation to guardian angel, will begin teaching all the magical ways of Alfheim, with that one special magic that belongs solely to him.  Honestly, I don't know which magic will be solely yours, all I know is it will be a very unique and powerful type of magic that only you and your elf are capable of knowing and doing.  

We have several of these pieces, so don't be afraid to get one for you AND your friends.  You can start a coven of Elvery with the exclusive powers that will be given to you when you use your piece!! 



Elvery of Alfheim
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