Empower yourself from Past Experiences

Empower yourself from Past Experiences~

Retrocognition is the ability to look into the past. Information is transferred from an event or object in the past to a person in the present with retrocognitive abilities. Current science is unable to determine the precise means of informational transference.

Science can not figure out this informational fact because the strength behind this ability is occult magic!

Our experience over the years with testing inhabited and evoked items has taught us that mystical pieces are enchanted every day all over the world... many occultists however keep their abilities secret, which is why empowered pieces are hard to come by.

Retrocognition can also come in many different forms, one being able to see moments though people's eyes in the past or before they died. It can also come in the form off seeing how something unexplained actually happened, like seeing the moments on one of the planes before it hit the twin towers in 9/11.

This piece is enriched with the power of retrocognition... you will be able to see into the past and visit realms to showcase lives of those who have died as well as be a part of epic events that have occurred.

Amazing item for someone who loves history and extreme power --- you can use this piece to do whatever you desire --- the possibilities are endless.

Think of previous regressions that you can visit through realms, you can use them to learn and adapt powers and ideas of the past~

Empower yourself from Past Experiences
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