Encased Guardian Angel with Powers

Prayer Consensus<br /><br />

There is a constant strain on the belief system that correlates issues with people understanding their true admiration towards life. <br /><br />

Language barriers and different religious outlooks emanate a reliance upon the inner strength for a feeling of completion.<br /><br />

Most people agree to disagree when it comes to topics of two things, politics and religion!<br /><br />

No matter what is found, or determined, our lives showcase ideals to prove that there will never be a whole consensus on view points throughout the world. <br /><br />

During a conjuring to learn about socialization of the past to understand magic in the present, we revealed a conceptual power admiration. <br /><br />

Prayer is the one thing that is constant, pure and crosses all barriers of language, religion, politics and creed.<br /><br />

Although you may pray to a different God then the person who lives next to you, you are all searching and praying for a communal empowerment. You want to make sure you will be alright; when push comes to shove you taste what you are made of. <br /><br />

You decide that you have had enough --- then you stand in the light of comfort and release your tensions through prayer. <br /><br />

This amulet piece is invoked with real  divine powers bringing forth a tunnel of channeled abilities to showcase your prayers and make sure that you are enlightened with a code to know you have been endowed with being heard by the Heavens. <br /><br />

We each have a specific angel who watches over us; many call them their guardian angel, we like to note them as your support and key-holder to your afterlife. <br /><br />

You need to have a good relationship with your angel so you are not stuck in limbo when you are not sure what to do, or who to turn to. There are times in everyone's life when they feel like they have hit rock bottom; that they have no one to talk to. <br /><br />

In reality your angel, and your God, are always there --- this is an empowered piece that allows progression with your connection and helps you feel the strength of energies that connects you with your higher endowed blessers! <br /><br />

You no longer will feel alone, or not know that your words are important and that choices and answers are just a wish away.<br /><br />

My wish for you is that your life becomes all that you want it too ~ and this piece is the ultimate enforcer to help that become a reality!<br />


Encased Guardian Angel with Powers
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