Enchanting Succubus Camille

Enchanting Succubus Camille ~

There has been extreme conditions of interest and reports of sightings of succubus throughout California. The reports have been coming in like crazy, it is said to be the most extreme case of paranormal extremity since the Salem witch terrors back in 1692.

Succubus are dark creatures who walk the Earth as beautiful women for only one reason --- to lure and ravish unsuspecting men in their sleep and then toss them aside like used toilet paper.

We have received calls for the past few months and finally cleared time in our schedule to take trip to the west coast. We met up with a local paranormal researcher, Aaron, and got to see his notes and showcase the piles of information that we received via phone and through emails.

Aaron took us to the home of a late 20's woman named Veronica. Veronica said that she was woken up in the middle of the night to screams of ecstasy; she opened her eyes to find a stunning blonde with glowing eyes and ivory white skin raping he husband as he lay there asleep.

Veronica told us the tale with tears rolling down her face... she said that 'her husband just laid there like nothing was happening', but the creature saw her and turned around and slapped her in the face so hard that it made Veronica fly off the bed.

Veronica had to clear her head and once she got her wits about her she stood up and the "woman" was gone. She said that her husband was still snoring and he never even woke up. Veronica then shook her husband awake and told him what happened, he of course thought that she lost her mind!

Brad, her husband, only believed that something strange did happen because Veronica had a swollen mouth and she was bleeding from where the creature slapped her. There also was this emblem piece left on Brads chest.

They called the police, but they didn't believe her and then thought she was trying to cover up the fact that her husband had hit her; it was a big mess.

Veronica told her best friend about the encounter and she knew about Aaron. Aaron was able to give her insight into the world of the succubi and acknowledged that she was not going crazy~!

Deedee was excited to see the emblem item that the succubus left because they normally determine the wrath of intensity that floods the unbeknown victims body.

Veronica allowed us to use the piece and test it --- the results were remarkable. Due to the fact that the succubus was interrupted in her quest of orgasmic pleasure she retreated into the emblem and trapped herself within.

Succubus are normally only visible to women -- so even if a man does wake up in the middle of an "attack" he is still clueless because he cannot see anything on or around him.

The succubus will normally leave a token that boggles the mind of their victim, but that is not a piece of information that is known by the public. With so many sightings being reported in California, there was talk to release the info., but then they thought that this would cause chaos among the population.

Men finding their wife's charm bracelet next to the bed will suddenly think that they were ravished by a succubus ~

It took Veronica 3 weeks to heal from her banishment in the face, she wants nothing to do with the world of the succubus and therefore gave the emblem piece to Deedee to research for more use.

In exchange for the piece Deedee gave the family a cleansing piece that will ward off any unwanted creatures and spirits from entering their home.

The succubus within this piece is named Camille; she is raging with hormones and wants to be released. Only females have been able to test this piece, because if a male bonds with the piece he will allow Camille to come forth and take over their body while they sleep.

Due to the pleads to be released, Camille has said that she will allow herself to be seen by men as well --- so if you purchase this piece desiring to be ravished you may be able to also catch a glimpse of the one who feeds on your hormones; your 'secret lover.'

This is a power emblem that is available to men and women alike, but the men will evoke the intense power of the piece. Some women may be interested to have Camille ravish their boyfriend or husband, if you are not getting enough pleasure in the bedroom you can use the succubus to awaken their sex drive without them even knowing!!

Men who are looking to feel less stress and wake up refreshed and revived will love this piece because you will be granted extreme cleansing of your blood flow after Camille has her way with you.

This is an amazing piece for those desiring an arousing revival into their, or their partners, life~!

Enchanting Succubus Camille
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