Energetic Amber and a Vampire Too!!<br /><br />

Amber is fossilized resin that has been formed many, many years ago from the sap of primeval tree.  Many times it holds fossils of ancient insects, bugs, and other small organisms.  There is an energy property to amber, and thus, often times it is used as a spiritual vessel to retain powers and magic.  This is one of those examples, except it has been made my accident.  It has also been set in sterling silver, which adds an incredible boost to its energetic property. <br /><br />

I picked this piece up at an estate sale in upstate Pennsylvania last year when I was on vacation with my family.  I have been testing it since then, saving it to release it specifically for Valentine's Day. <br /><br />

This piece is the embodiment of an ancient Greek vampire named Xanthos.  His existence as a full-form vampire ceased when he was slain by a vampire hunter in 600BC.  His blood was splattered on a giant Acacia tree.  His blood eventually mixed with the sap from the tree.  The sap, in turn was formed into amber.  This amber is the amber that has been used to make this necklace.<br /><br /> 

Whoever owns this piece also hosts Xanthos' existence.  You can summon his spiritual existence to come and bond with your soul.  This will activate the powers inside of his blood and your blood flow will also become his.  His existence will merge with yours, as his energy will be circulated in your veins.<br /><br />

This is both a transformation piece and a companion piece.  Asides from the fact that this piece will bring you an abundance of dual vampiric powers, this piece will also allow you to take Xanthos as your companion in life-- sexually or non-sexually.  He will manifest himself to you, making his presence and his abilities known to you.  <br /><br />

Additionally, you can choose to be changed to a full-form vampire if you choose.  If not, you will remain a mortal with extremely powerful magical abilities!!  This piece is available now! <br /><br /> 

Energetic Amber and a Vampire Too!!<br /><br />
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