Epigenetic Leprechaun Genome

Epigenetic Leprechaun Genome<br /><br />


With Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner, I think that it is important for me to offer you this unique item.  In today's culture, mythical beings are shoved to the side sometimes and forgotten about.  Why?  Because the human conscious has been so altered and dulled over the years that they aren't in touch with reality.  This piece proves the existence of, at least, one type of mythical being.  <br /><br />


This being mythical being is a Leprechaun.  His name is O'Callaghan.  He is a direct descendant of the original Leprechaun clan, the existence of which is proven by Paul in the Bible and the epigenetic "curse" thrown upon Adam and Eve.  Actually this wasn't a curse at all.  <br /><br />


In fact, the results were a type of magical and mystical entity.  Later these beings found a permanent home in Ireland and were name Leprechauns.  They tend to be a little bit tricky at times, which is why we cast power into this piece that will force your leprechaun to be truthful at all times. <br /><br /> 


O'Callaghan holds a special power that we call the Leprechaun Genome.  This power allows you to create your own leprechaun spirits.  They can hold whatever power you put into them and will be completely loyal and obedient to you, their creator. <br /><br /> 


We used this piece to create Leprechauns that brought charms such as wealth, luck, love, sensual sex, one that brings money, psychokinetic ability, and a wide variety of other abilities.  The possibilities are endless, as you can instill as many powers and as much magic into any entity you create!!  <br /><br />


With this piece, the power to create is right at your finger tips!!  The luck of the Irish is surely upon you!!   <br /><br />

Epigenetic Leprechaun Genome
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