Equal Attributes Expose

This is an alien DNA item that can merge to eliminate devices that may have been implanted in your mind. <br /><br />

This piece holds remnants from a NASA satellite that was sent up to outerspace on a secret mission to advance the realm of the Universe in search of life form. When the satellite returned to Earth, there was a substance marked on the left side of the satellite --- a confidant of ours works for NASA and was able to get a small amount of the material and sent it to Deedee.<br /><br />

After months of testing we were able to ratify the material to learn it was DNA. The format of the DNA was invoked into the piece we are offering. You will be embraced with the DNA and an embrace of majestic spiritualism that merged to bring clearance of all unknown filaments of other worlds.<br /><br />

This will rectify any, and all, controlled elements that were implanted or sent your way. We all are open portals as aliens can attach their strengths on us through our auras ... this is how many people get taken up on ships and have testings done without memories of it, or a jumble of facets that don't make sense!<br /><br />

This is the last one of these!! The other one we had was purchased as an offline sale, before this was able to be listed --- do not miss out~<br /><br />

Equal Attributes Expose
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