Eternal Flame of Jupiter

Eternal Flame of Jupiter

In the Valley of Bekaa stands the ruins of what is Lebanon's most aged sanctuary. This sanctuary was the largest structure that the Romans could boast in their entire existence; and although it was dedicated to Jupiter, God of Gods, the structure itself actually predates Roman times and holds many secrets that even unto this day have yet to be unveiled. These powers remain undercover, waiting for the right individual to come along and unravel the secrets that have been rolled up for eons.

The piece that I am offering you here is a piece that contains one of these many ancient secrets of the mighty Temple. The secret was given to a Roman architect, who was working on the Temple. As it happens, he was working on reconstructing the inside of a room known as the Pantheon of Jupiter, when he was given a vision by the Gods. The vision contained a secret formula of Jupiter, who is the God of Gods and God of War. The man had no idea what it meant, and he went about life in a frenzy, attempting to figure out what the formula meant.

Those surrounding the architect became covetous of the man's formula, because they desired the secrets that were contained within it. Hence, the man fled to Greece, where he was welcomed with kindness and fostered by philosophers of the time, who wished to help him crack the secret to his magical code. After years of trying and trying, nothing had materialized. After the original holder of the code had passed on, one of his proteges made a pilgrimage to the Holy Temple in Baalbek.

With the code in hand, he entered the Pantheon of Jupiter, where he received the answers to the secrets contained in the magical formula. The formula was an encryption in the language of the Gods, which, when uttered, opened up the realms and Heavens. Once this is done, the person who is in possession of the formula will receive an ancient divining ritual that will give the person the ability to practice the dual form magic of the ancient Gods.

It was using this formula and magic that the Greeks were able to develop the eternal fire. The fire floated on water and would never go out. They used it to defeat the the Arabs in in 674 CE and 716 CE, during which the fire destroyed 800 Arab warships. It also gave the Greeks the ability to defeat the Russians in 941 CE and 1043 CE. This magic allowed their culture to flourish and become what we know is as today.

The original formula or Jupiter has been passed down from generation to generation via a Masonic fraternity of Greek scholars, who have thus far been successful in hiding the power from main stream society. That was until I got my hands on it. Now, I have the piece that you see here which contains the original power of Jupiter's Formula. This piece will give you all the magical of ability of the God of Gods. It will allow you communicate with other worldly beings such as Gods, spirits, angels, etc. You will be able to invoke the spirits of such beings and call upon their powers.

You will also be given the power of the Eternal Fire, which hasn't been seen or used since the Greeks last used this devastating power to defeat the Russians in 1043 CE. That's because the Eternal Fire has been transfigured into a spiritual flame, which will protect you and keep you safe from all of your adversaries, physical and spiritual. You will given the power of the Spiritual Flame, and the ability to cast it upon the soul of others, as a means of defeating your adversaries.

This piece is the real deal and has been put through several testing programs to make sure of it. I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this piece is truly incredible.

This piece has really done the job for me and almost did not make it here today. If it wasn't for another piece that I became head over heels for I would still be using it. When you place it on you FEEL something that you can't put your finger on to start with. As time moves and it does when wearing this you come into a power that which you also can not describe. I began to have visions of the eternal fire,not of hell but of the magic that was used to create the snake which is a whole new concept in magic. The creating of the snake is the Kundalini of which you awaken,it becomes you a part that is on fire and plants with in you a magic like no other. I have to say I was impressed!

This is Sterling silver with a glass ball of power. This is a one of a kind ring in which you may wear on a chain. I love what it does,I love how it looks!
Eternal Flame of Jupiter
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