Eternal Flame of Vesta

Eternal Flame of Vesta

This is what we found during an investigation of Letchworth Village in Haverstraw, New York.  On the books the place was a progressive development that helped to care for the mentally challenged.  If was a quaint place where mentally retarded people could chase their dreams.  The community grew their own crops and had a movie theater that they could attend for recreation.  Supposedly the place was found by a Quaker philanthropist who, for the mentally ill, was doing the most good.

However, as there always are, this village had a sinister side.  It included stories of experimentation and deformation of the mentally ill.  It includes unspeakable projects and horrors that were performed on the mentally ill.  The entire boy's section of the village has been shut down, including the old hospital, which is extremely haunted.  All the death and brutality that goes on here makes this place a sort of vortex for spiritual activity, which is why we decided to visit Letchworth in the first place.  The girls side is still partially operating, although it is slowly in the process of being shut down.

Our interest in the place, again, came from the spiritual activity that the locals said takes place as the village.  We went on an investigation there about a year or so ago and hit the jackpot, as was mutually expected.  This is where we first encountered the spirits of four young women who were abused and murdered at the facility.  The four spirits came to us during our fourth night of investigation into the place.  We had equipment, but it was needed this night, as the four came to us as clear as the sun on a hot summer day!

The Four told us that they were the reincarnation of four ancient entities known as the Vestal Virgins.  They were the keepers of the Flame of Vesta, which must never go out.  Vesta is the Lady of the Flame and Guardian of the Hearth.  The preeminent goddess of Rome, who existed before all other gods or goddesses.  She is identified with the Greek version, Hestia, but is much, much older and bears a much greater significant to the Roman Empire.  Vesta is a mother goddess of the flame, she exists in all fire and knows all things.  She is the goddess of the Hearth, where fires would be started and thus is the goddess of all magic and new beginnings.  She was included in ALL Roman sacrifices and was the very last deity to invoked, as she is the polar opposite of Janus.  Her temple in Rome is a circle and indicates that her divination and magic preside over all things and are eternal, as is her spirit.  Her flame was never allowed to go out, because then she would lose all her magic and Rome would cease to exist.

Vesta's could only be handled by the innocence of a virgin.  The daughters of Roman nobility and wealthy, chosen by the Pontifex Maximus, or Rome's high priest.  These daughters were given to Vesta as her devotees and served her for thirty years.  Ten of these years were spent training and learning the extremely covert Mysteries of Vesta.  Ten were spent serving Vesta.  The final ten were spent training their replacements.  The most important of their jobs were guarding the Flame of Vesta and making sure it never extinguished.  They also had to remain virgins to handle the magic of the Vesta.  If they engaged in sexual activity the magic of Vest would no longer be accessible to them and they'd be whipped publicly and buried alive within the Rome city limits.  Whomever they had broke their oath to Vesta with was whipped in public display until death!  This is how serious the magic of Vesta is to Rome.  These four held such power that if they even as much as walked by a condemned man, he was cured and forgiven.  They were the incarnate representation of the Oracular powers of Vesta and her Eternal Flame.  What the public didn't know was that the Vestal Virgins were actually the same four souls reincarnated over and over again into the same positions of power.

In 394, under the Roman Emperor Theodosius, Vesta's Eternal Flame was ordered to be snuffed in an attempt to do away with the veneration of all pagan gods and goddesses.  To the best of the Emperor's knowledge, the flame was snuffed.  However, the flame was secretly smuggled to a place in Egypt, where is stayed for many years under the care of the same four souls-- the Vestal Virgins.  As time progressed, it came to hidden in the woods of upstate New York in the United States of America.  When the secrecy of the flame and the Vestal Virgins hit mainstream in a small town, the four virgins were sent directly to a mental institution-- the Letchworth Village.  Is this beginning to make sense??  The Eternal Flame of Vesta was smuggled to New York.  We have found the souls of the Virgins who guard the flame.  They exist in an eternal realm now with the flame and Vesta.  However, when they manifested themselves to us, they came back in their most previous human form-- the "crazy" girls from Letchwork Village.

When the virgins visited us during our investigation their sole purpose was to reintroduce the Eternal Flame of Vesta into the mortal realm.  This is the piece they gave us.  It has been cast and baptized by the fire of Vesta's Eternal Flame.  It will give you all the supreme powers of Rome's principal goddess.  There is not a magic that will be off of your radar with this piece, as Vesta was used in every magical ritual there was to be held in Rome.  She knows the secrets to every type of magic, which are the Mysteries of Vesta that only the virgins were allowed to handle.  She will give you all of her powers and the ability to search the astral realm of the Gods for whatever powers that are held within.  This piece bars no holds.  It is the pure magical essence of the Roman Empire and is the power that will spark the revival of the New Roman Empire as promised by God in the Bible.  This piece marks the first time the Flame of Vesta's magic has re-entered the mortal realms for decades!  It is a very, VERY powerful piece that will evolve your soul with the powers of soul alchemy.  It will make you like the Vestal Virgins and give you the capability to receive the Mysteries of Vesta which have been purified and stored in the Eternal Flame of Vesta.  This will give you all the magic you could have ever imagined possible-- and tons more!!  Having this piece is like having the Pandora's Box of Magic, except there are no negative repercussions to opening the box!! 


Eternal Flame of Vesta
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