Etheric Cord Flush

Etheric Cord Flush

The Etheric Cord Flush empowerment is a gentle energy that cuts unwanted cords that attach  to us from other people, animals, and objects.

This item holds the rare empowerment and it will utilize unwanted negative cords by first releasing the cords that should not be within you in the first place and then help to heal the remaining cords and offer some healing to the facet where the cord came from,as well.

Healthy cords will always be found at the heart chakra and negative cords are found else where and will be removed~!

Sometimes Stubborn cords will take a few flushes with this Empowerment.

Some of the benefits you will be feeling is a feeling of being lighter, more grounded, and your energy will be refreshed and revitalized.

This is like doing a paranormal cleanse!

Etheric Cord Flush
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