Evasive Peril of Prophecy

Evasive Peril of Prophecy
This piece that you see here holds the deepest form of an original magic that is so powerful that it can't even be duplicated, let alone by the one who it was vested in.  Trust me on this one.  I've tried to duplicate the magic, but it didn't work out successfully-- and you know Deedee, Flamie, and I are some of the most mystically inclined and in sync people that you will ever meet.
My story begins when I was on a search for raw forms of angelic power.  I know we've offered some of this stuff before, but there's nothing that really quite compares to the one that I'm about to offer you.  It comes from a girl that I found in the mid-west, during a convention in Nebraska.  We were at this convention, because we received a request from a teenage girl who I will only call 
Jessica is one of those girls that sincerely loves the world, her life, and especially her family.  Being a farmer in the heartland of America doesn't always provide for a top-notch quality of living, as sometimes it is hard to get by.  Jessica is the oldest child of one such family that consists of Mom, Dad, three brothers and a sister.  Being the oldest child in the family a lot of responsibility falls on Jessica's shoulders.  She doesn't mind though, because she is sweet and she loves her family and realizes that she must play her role in its survival.  With this being said, she was forced to grow up a lot faster than her siblings.  
Now,  supposed it helps that Jessica has a strong root in the Catholic religion.  She loves God, Jesus, and the Blessed Virgin as much, if not more, that she loves her family.  After all, was it not God that gave her the blessing of being part of such a wonderful family?  Indeed it was, so she gives him the glory for it and she loves him with all the love that she has for her family, plus more, for giving them to her.  
Jessica's work ethic is sterling, and asides from helping out on her family's farm, she busts her rump to maintain excellent grade, so that one day she can receive a degree in agricultural commerce, to help her family even more.  Unfortunately, this dream never came true, because I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  With all of the tragedy that Jessica had to endure over the last few years, I guess she is just thankful to be alive.  
Tragedy?  Oh yes, but sweet tragedy none the less, because now Jessica has a sacred gift that is far more powerful than any power that anyone in her parish, town, or even state of Nebraska can say they've ever received.  This is a power that she received via a direct encounter with God during a spiritual possession that took over her body.
The possession began during her junior year in high school, when she had an encounter with a shadow person.  The spirit, an original demon from the depths of darkest sectors of hell, was miserable with its own existence and saw the good in Jessica.  It began sucking off of her energy like an evil leech.  She became weak and powerless to its possession and eventually behaving like a crazed lunatic like somebody you would see in a low budget movie about the devil and possessions.  Except for this story has a good ending. 
After a month or so of this going on, she began seeing a psychiatric specialist in Omaha, who couldn't even begin to diagnose her in his many years of experience.  Fearing the worst, Jessica and her family turned to the church, who were also powerless other than the fact that they prayed for her  The lord heard their prayers and after a painstaking year, eventually gave Jessica back to them. 
When Jessica awoke from her trance like state of possession, she was obviously in a deep state of confusion, but there was also another state of mentality and that was the feeling of inspiration.  It sounds weird, but according to Jessica, it's not.  During the final days of her possession, the skies were opened up to her, which she describe as the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, with structures made of gold and silver and ornate with the most dazzling jewels, even better than a Helzberg diamond.  She was lifted to Heaven by a host of angels that sang praises to the Jehovah, the only God and most high of beings.
The beings took her to God, who she accounts sits upon the throne of seven, which is ablaze with the first from the from the holy spirit.  On his right side is Jesus the son and on his left sits the Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin, Mary herself.  The trio took pity upon her soul, sanctifying with the purest, most powerful blessing of all, ridding of all the evil that ever was, that is now, and is yet to come.  They saw her devotion to the trio's holiness and instilled in her the power of divine protection, that comes directly from God's existence and is the same power used by God that envelop and preserve the original Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.
With this power, all entities, from all realms, including both good and evil revere her in such a way that suggests she is even higher than the Seraphim of God.  She has the ability to speak anything that ever was into and out of existence.  She can help you, but if you are evil she will damn you.  She holds the power of a blessing that calls upon the holy of holies and provides a spiritual protect and guidance that is impenetrable by any force from anywhere. 
She has the ability to call upon God, Jesus and the Virgin for guidance and to hold council with them in physical form.  She receives holy indoctrination and has the power to speak the Word of God with authority and command.  She will read you and know you and if you ask her to she will judge your soul, letting you know where you stand and what you need to do to obtain the blessing of God.  This she does with authority vested in her by God, because He gave her His eternal wisdom. 
When we met with Jessica she decided that it would be acceptable to instill upon us the most holy blessing she received from God-- the one that saved her life and brought her back to human civilization.  The power that she gave us, can be activated by using this piece and praying to God.  The piece will be activated once God reads your soul and activates it for you.  In the meantime, you can speed up the process by chanting the Apostles' Creed Once when the sun rises over the horizon, once when the sun is hung at high noon, and once, at twilight just before the sun sets and world rests.  This holy incantation will draw the Holy Spirit to you and help God to notice your holy nature.  Once he does, the blessing will be activated and you will receive the same blessing and powers that Jessica has revealed to us. 
It is important to note that this power is the purest form of powers vested in you by God.  You cannot use this power to perform evil magic or anything like that.  The power will cleanse your soul and make sure that you are only going to use the magic with a pure mind and under pure circumstance.  Again, this is the most powerful magic that I've seen come from the realm of Heaven, which will be open to you.  Don't abuse it, because I'm certain their will be dire consequences.  You will receive this piece, which has all the sanctifications discussed above. 
** This is 10kt gold and a size 5.75, and can either be sized, or worn on a chain!
Evasive Peril of Prophecy
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