Everlasting Life

 Everlasting Life 

I have a barnacle item that forecasts surgical antidotes that will stitch together all of your past lives to connect them into a full fledged force! This gathering will regiment all of your  memories, talents and powers -- and thus leave you full charged and kinetically imposed to immortally live freely in this world.

The only thing you will need to endure the immortal bliss of everlasting life is a sponsor, which once ignited with the maneuvered state of all your past incarnations, you will be a strong force that any immortal being will want to pull into their aspect of eternal life upon the Universal Spectrum. 

This is a coveted piece, it is rare and was discovered by Shine. The balance and obscurities to interlock all of your past lives to your current life and make you a pledge for immortality is priceless. 

The item is how Tomer faceted his life as a vampire --- he tested it for us years back and was summoned by a vampire, which was his dream and this is how he moved forward with his immortality... and why he still likes to utilize some "normal" human tactics and items, as he lived for centuries as a human before his turn! 

We have used this during many transformations, but now the invokers prefer to do things physically with their own energies, so we have not utilized this piece in a long while. 




Everlasting Life
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