Exhuming Powers from Department Zero

Exhuming Powers from Department Zero
This piece comes direct from an agent of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) named Department Zero. Department 0 was charged with the investigation of paranormal phenomena and other similar cases.
In August 2003, a joined team of Department Zero specialists and American specialists, uncovered in a little known area of the Bucegi, in the underground, an artificial cave containing very advanced technology such as hologram displayers presenting Earth's history of the last few tens of thousands of years, as it happened, as well as a huge extremely advance scientific database, monoatomic gold (white powder gold) - the Alchemists' Dream, some other special devices that allowed modifying the natural conditions on Earth. There were also tunnels connecting the Bucegi structure with similar structured yet to be discovered in Egypt and Tibet.
For instance, the history as it was presented in those holograms (going down to 50.000 B.C.) is 90% different than what contemporary historians accept. Also, it supports the majority of popular legends and myths that were always discarded by the mainstream scientists.

This is all so unbelievable for the majority of people who read it, that they refused to grant any credit to this book, considering it just fiction.

But astrology has means to verify such claims, so we studied the findings in detail, looking for specific dates or other useful information.

According to the information, the artificial cave was first entered into "shortly after mid-August 2003', so I'd say it possibly happened on August 17. It took some days until it was explored and its content was known and then until, after diplomatic negotiations at the highest level, Romania and the USA decided that it was best not to reveal anything to the world.

The graphic below shows that the Jupiter-Uranus cycle reached a peak (opposition) at the end of August 2003. This is consistent with a major discovery or a major scientific advancement in the world.

Jupiter-Uranus cycle

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition was superposed on the 3rd-9th house axis, the knowledge axis and on the nodal axis in Romania's natal chart, determining an evolutionary leap in knowledge:

Romania - August 2003

Even the top-secret character of this operation are clearly shown by astrology, as transiting Lilith (20 Taurus) was trine with US natal Lilith (20 Virgo) and Romania natal Lilith (20 Capricorn) - forming an earth (!) Lilith pyramid. Perfect for an underground discovery that was about to be kept ultra-secret.

Astrology never lies, so we looked into this to reveal the truth. And we have showcased some of this on a radio show, but it just takes some time until the people will be ready to be revealed the truth and governments will be willing to do so.


Data used for Romania: Feb 5, 1859, 2:41:15 pm LMT, Bucharest.
Data used for the USA: Jul 4, 1776, 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, PA.

Image gallery from the Bucegi Mountains in Romania:

The Bucegi Mountains:

Bucegi Mountains view

Bucegi Mountains view

Bucegi Mountains view

Bucegi Mountains view

The Sphinx:

The legendary Sphinx of the Bucegi Mountains (2200 m altitude) is a rock shaped by wind and other natural phenomenon as man's head.

It is considered to represent a spiritually powerful place and a symbol of the spirit of the Dacians, ancestors of the Romanian people.

The Sphinx of Bucegi

The image below shows the Bucegi plateau underneath where the discovery was made~!

The area above the artificial cave

Map of Romania

Bucegi map
~ This is a distinct piece that is very powerful and will integrate the advancements of technology, and the informants of success, with the secret affirmation from Department Zero!
You will not believe the expenditures that will become applied upon you -- the forces and powers will radiate through kinetic forces into your brainwaves and correlate a distinct bond and connection!
Exhuming Powers from Department Zero
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