DE-PROGRAMMING YOUR INNER FEARS It is noted that humans often have a tendency to ignore their deepest fears. Which makes sense, of course, because why would we want to think or focus on something we fear? We're innately programmed to avert these fears; ignore them and push them down. The problem, however, is that when we do that they don't go away or play less of a role in our lives... If anything, they play a bigger, and often times more unconscious role. That's the bad news. The good news is that you can finally do something about these fears!! You can finally let them go and change your life in profound ways~ Whether it's a fear of public speaking,fear of heights or any other phobia,fear of standing out, fear of success, fear of failure…the list goes on and on. What would your life be like without these fears? Imagine for a second, that the biggest thing holding you back…was gone.. This piece will implant indigenous levels of karmic energy into your soul, and that will radiate levels of emotions that will generate the relief of your fears! Testers discussed life changing events that have taken place due to this freeing them from their own detriment~ THE GREEN LUCK AMULETS IN THIS ITEM HAVE ALSO BEEN INFUSED WITH THE ENERGY THAT IS NECESSARY TO OVERCOME YOUR FEARS. STOP LIVING IN A CONSTANT PRISON OF YOUR OWN MIND AND FEAR. BREAK FREE SPIRITUALLY, AND ENLIGHTEN YOUR EXISTENCE WITH THIS PIECE!!
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