Factor 5

There is s covert group of researchers that exists in the United States that studies things that could potentially raise eyebrows gain unpopularity. They are group that has been recruited and commissioned under the rule of George W Bush, and continue to receive funding under the Obama Administration as well. In the past, they were responsible for, but certainly not limited to, research contributing to genetic and molecular sciences, cloning systems, and the effects of water boarding on detainees and POWs.

For sensitivity reasons I am not going disclose what the groups name is or any of there information. I will only tell you that their base is definitely somewhere in the contiguous United States of America. The reason for the secrecy is because I have a connection high up in the ranks of this society that provides with me data and feedback from research projects, experiments, etc. He even provides me with artifacts that have been researched from time to time. It is through this source that I can offer the items that you can see above.

These items have been used in conjunction with a study on physiologically altering the biological and chemical make up of one’s own body in a way that will allow you to become one entity with another being’s physiological and biological self. The energy that is required for this concept comes from an advance life form that exists in a universe that is parallel to our own, but much, much more technologically savvy... obviously.

Anyway, the power vested in the pieces that you see above, known to the group as Factor Five, will allow you to do some pretty awesome stuff on the astral plain. First and foremost, it will allow for astral travel. This is a feat a lot of accomplished psychics have spent years perfecting. You will gain immediate control over you astral endeavors. The pieces will allow you to spiritually enter somebody else mind and soul, and exist in unison with their mind and soul, becoming one, a rendering a new being all together, with capabilities beyond what is known to current human genetic make up. For example, I used this piece to join my soul to a friend’s and our new being was able to levitate, control the water elements, and receive divine prophecies from God. I used another friend’s body, and when our beings were fused together, we were able to control the very essence of time itself. It just depends on each individuals genetic, biological, and chemical makeup; and mostly your own. This is how Barack Obama won the 2008 election-- by fusing his soul together with Joe Biden, he was able to control the minds of the masses, influencing them simply by chanting the phrase, “Yes We Can!” Creepy right?

To use this piece you must simply have it in your possession at the time of your astral endeavor. You can perform these functions with or without the permission of the subject you wish to infuse your soul with; however, we suggest that obtain permission, because you might seriously piss them off. Other than that, let me just forewarn you that this magic is very powerful and will work to full capacity as we have tested the pieces several times on several subjects. Now, you can obtain these pieces, fully maximizing your astral travels and capabilities.
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