The most fascinating thing you will find on display at Dunvegan Castle is the Fairy Flag of Dunvegan.  The castle is situate on the Isle of Skye, of the west coast of Scotland and has been the stronghold of the Macleod Chiefs for around 800.  The MacLeods consdier the Fairy Flag to be a gift from the fairies.  It is the most treasured possession of their clan.  It is a true fairy relic which exhibits very powerful energies fo the Fae Folk that once inhabited the surface of the Earth.  The have since rescinded into underground caverns and other realms to escape the onslaught of the humans exploitation, who are envious of their powers.

The flags arrival comes from an early clan chieftain who spent some time in the fairy realm.  In his time there  he fell in love with the daughter of the fairy king.  They were married and when the needs of the clan arose, he and his bride returned to the mortal realm.  The fairy princess could only live here for 7 years.  Toward the end of this time she gave birth to a baby boy whom she left behind with the chief.  Just before she crossed back over to the fairy realm, she begged that the baby never be left alone.  The sound of his crying, she said, would be too much for her to bear.  Later that night the clan had a feast to distract the chief from the state of depression he had fallen into over losing his beloved.

Now, the McLeods were famous for their piping and dancing and nursemaid in charge of the baby snuck away from the nursery to join the party.  When she was discovered, the chief immediately ran to his son only to find that his wife had already shown up to sing the child back to sleep.  When the king entered the room, the fairy vanished, but left behind a blanket on their son.  This blanket became the fairy flag.  The song she sang is still sang til this day in the Dunvegan clan and is known as the Dunvegan Lullaby. 

Deedee was fortunate enough to spend some time on the Isle of Skye.  It is a very prestigious vacation spot and she has hook ups all over the world.  She was invited by one of the dames of the McLeod clan to come go and tour the Dunvegan Castle.  Deedee told us that the castle itself is a very energetically charged place, but it very good way.  She said she can feel the joy of white magic rolling of her shoulders as soon as she entered the castle.  As for the Fairy Flag, she said it gives of its own type of energy and she was interested in seeing if she could access this energy in order to order to create fairy charms.  She obtained special permission to hold a ritual there after hours.  During this time she was able to summon the original Fairy Queen who is still alive in the fairy realm, where her family has returned to her to stay. 

She was able to make this piece using the fairy blanket-- or flag as it is now called.  With this piece, the fairy princess will come to you and sing to you the Dunvegan Lullaby.  This will put you in a trance where you will be able to leave your body and enter the fairy realm.  While there you will gain all the powers of the white light abilities of the fairy princess.  These powers are rare, only because they are divine white light sorcery not offered by regular run-of-the-mill fairies.  These powers are only reserved for the fairy royalty.   With that being said these pieces are very powerful.  You can use them to enter the fairy realm any time you want.  Just listen carefully for the Dunvegan Lullaby and it will carry you off to a foreign place where you will exist in spirit and experience a swift flow of magical current!  The power you will receive will also allow you birth your own soul fairies in the mortal realm who will exist solely in spirit form but will be your consorts and magical companions in the mortal realm! 


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