Not much is known about Earth fairies, except that they live in any place with trees and can revive dead plants. What is a little known fact is that when covens have their power circles out in the woods, they are surrounded by Earth fairies! Curious ones and bold ones, they hover around and behind the trees, seeing what’s going on in their patch of the forest. One coven found this out and summoned a fairy into their circle to converse with it. The fairy that came, Lilyrose, kindly obliged to speak, and gave a bit of her power to the coven.

This item has a portion of that power, and will attune you to the Mother around you. Anytime you do a power circle in the forest, or spells including any plants, your results will be mind-blowing. The power you can draw from the Earth is astounding. Plants will grow with ease in your dwelling, and may feel like the Earth is almost speaking to you. I usually kill any plant I touch within a week, and I’ve had a dead bamboo plant sitting in my house for months. I tried reviving it before with special plant liquids and such, but the moment I had this piece with me, my bamboo plant revived! I just watered it like normal and it was like it had never died. I can only say that I know it wasn’t all my doing. This item is powerful for those inclined to the Earth, and even for those who aren’t.

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