Humanity is so off sometimes. I mean, take a look around you. We are literally surrounded by stupid people, encompassed in their own little stupid illusions, watching reality television, praising a black man in the white house who wasn’t even qualified to run a daycare center. They are all just so content living their peachy little lives. Puke. That’s why I never judge a person who wants to undergo a transformation to be anything but what we currently are. You’ve already been through the pain and sorrow of mortal human lives. It’s time you take the initiative to progress your existence. Why wouldn’t you want to? I mean, this item is the perfect opportunity to shed your human skin and molt into something immortal... something that bears more significance than you can possibly imagine from a mortal standpoint. This ring holds energies that come directly from the a Fairy Queen. It will work for either men or women, as there are fairies of both genders. It is a common misconception that fairies are only female. Again, this is a stupid human misconception. It’s rather sad, actually. The powers come directly from the realm, Avalon. The powers are all original and white light and once you begin wearing this piece, you will immediately begin your transformation process. The transformation isn’t an overnight thing, either. You must possess some patience. It’s a virtue. Using this piece, you will gain a basic supply of white light energy and power. You will be able to use this power for things like psychic powers and what not. As your transformation progresses and you become more advanced your powers will grow stronger and stronger. In fact, there is no limit on the amount powers you will gain. As long as you keep putting into your powers, your powers will continue to give back to you!! This is the ultimate white-light fairy transformation piece. If this is something that you have ever been interested in, then you want this ite … especially at this sale price!! This piece is amazing. The ring’s band is all Sterling Silver in a decent weight. The stone on the ring is an absolutely beautiful pink ice gem, with some minor accents. It’s a dazzling, powerful treat and we most likely won’t be in possession of it for long!!
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