FAIRY-CHAUN 1 These are originals. We have merged two beings usuing metaphysical alchemy. The results are incredible and give you a very strong, dual source of energy that will have you on your way to magical oblivion in no time. No, I don't mean dual as in dark AND light powers. Rather, I mean dual as in, it embodies the powers of two beings. One of these beings is a Fairy. The other is a Leprechaun. Again, we merged these two existences into one super-soul and then transferred the energy into these bracelets. The bracelets aren't the most expensive, but we wanted to make these sales items, so they are the ones we used!! However, the magic in these pieces is extraordinary. First, you have the white light and psychic magic of the fairy. Whether you are male or female, you will be able to appreciate the light, airy magic of your fairy. You will gain the ability to perform your fairy's white light fairy dust magic, which includes both spell casting and conventional magic! On the other hand, you gain the wealth and luck powers from the leprechaun. Leprechauns are known for their stash of wealth and their ability to grant luck. These two powers will both come upon you in the form of wealth being forged into you life with Leprechaun wealth magic. You will also experience a boost in the luck department! The SECOND of these items is a silver tone bracelet with green and silver beeds, and butterfly charms. This is the item that is shown. To use this piece merely make body contact with it to develop a spiritual flow between you and your entity. You will begin to notice changes within a week or two!
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