This is a gift that I received from Sven, a client that I am in frequent contact with out of Norway.  He sent me the piece, because it is inhabited by an ancient Norse dragon spirit.<br /><br />

He found the piece in an open market, felt the spiritual essence of the piece immediately, and brought the piece home.  Then he mailed it tome, so I could run additional testing on it. <br /><br />

We have been working with this piece since around the year 2000; utilizing it in different investigations, hoping the dragon would come forth.  Although, we knew the dragon was there, this was a tough case to crack, the dragon was a tough little bugger!<br /><br />
We did however, crack the case and here is what we figured out:  your dragon’s name ins Falcazor.  He is an eternal spirit dragon of good fortune.  He will bless your household with success and good fortune.  You will know financial success and amass great wealth.  Any endeavor you ever ensue will be followed by a great measure of success.  You will also be given protection from evil spirits and entities of the underworld. <br /><br />
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