The Woodstock Opera House was constructed in 1889 and is almost as famous for its glamorous ghost as it is for its beauty. <br /><br />

A Honda commercial during the Super Bowl in 1992 even played off the notoriety of the Woodstock’s ghost. <br /><br />

The theater’s interior was designed to look like a glimmering showboat, and its exterior is an eclectic combination of styles. <br /><br />

In the late 1940s, an actor named Shelley Berman witnessed a chair (DD113) that popped up and down during rehearsals, as if someone had been sitting there. After a number of years, the thespians began to refer to their ghost as Elvira.<br /><br />

Elvira has been described as “very attractive, with long, golden hair and a flattering, flowing gown.”<br /><br />

We visited the theater while on our trip and made the treck to the tower, as this is where Elvira is often said to be seen. <br /><br />

A compelling force urged me towards the West side of the tower, here I noticed a hole in the mortar of the bricks that lined the interior. I felt a stong sense to look inside and found this pin.<br /><br />

It showcases a theatrical scene being performed and energy radiates from the piece.<br /><br />

We were astounished by the discovery and were anxious to test the piece. After having it professionally cleaned, we had it tested and discovered that Elvira was a premeire actress of her time and while performing at the Woodstock Opera House she fell from the tower to her death.<br /><br />

She often went up to the tower to think about what to do to enrich her career, as she had many people who wanted to work with her. This piece was given to her from a male admirer and we learned from conjuring that her boyfriend startled her as she heard him calling for her and coming up the tower steps. She hid the pin, as she didn't want him to question her about it. <br /><br />

Her boyfriend was intoxicated and started a fight with her and this led to her falling from the tower window.<br /><br />

Her spirit is within this piece and will generate acheivement and success in theatrics and the arts. Many people feel they were born with little to no talent and envy those who are super creative and can put things together without a second thought! Now you can help a friend, or yourself, find that creative niche that will expel itself from within and help make you a success!<br /><br />

Testers found that this helps with design, acting, singing, and writing. <br /><br />

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