Oh, Right, the SKY is FALLING!!?

President Thomas Jefferson was a scientist as well as a statesman. He studied and classified fossils, experimented with new varieties of grain, and was constantly making scientific measurements and observations with sophisticated instruments he kept at Monticello.

But even Jefferson's faith in science had its limitations. He refused to believe, for instance, that meteorites fall from the sky. When he heard that two Yale professors had reported a meteorite fall at Weston, Connecticut, on December 14, 1807, Jefferson is reported to have said, "I would rather believe that two Yankee professors would lie than that stones fall from the sky."

This is the constant for many people -- they have a problem believing things that they themselves have not seen. This is where the follicle of pure faith comes into play -- and for you, or another you know, who has little to no faith, we have this guilded piece that will constitute restoration to your spirit and soul by allowing you to see things that normally are not visible to the human eye!

Recognizing the feats of glory and being able to channel the facets of the Universe with your eyes through being empowered with the divinative forces of angelic portrayal, you will be amazed with what this ring will do for you.

Knowledge is power, and sensing, feeling and seeing all that "normal" humans cannot, gives you a great upperhand and makes you incredibly powerful. This will unite with all your other abilities to allow you to control the realms of deficit that lie beyond.

A prophetic item that will enrich your life with the attributes of glory and divination that sustain mankind~

This is a great gift idea for a non-believer, or someone going through a hard time who needs uplifted in white light~

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