As I type this I'm listening to Alex Jones. If you don't know who he is you can all look him up. You will learn a ton of stuff that could end up helping you. You don't have to agree with the politics but the news is very important because it's not the stuff you will hear on mainstream news.<br /><br />


This item is from one of the most studied in the occult arts ever! The Rosicrucian Society also known in the very begining as the Fama Fraternitas. This ring that your looking at has been embeded with all the occult studies. These studies is what the Rosicrucians have been devoted to for centuries. <br /><br />

These studies include occult knowledge from the Egyptians,Sumerians,the ancient and hidden secret number and musical waves in the Vatican. The pyramids and the sacred texts that ARE them and make them up. What is really hidden inside,things like what the hell scared Napoleon,what being was that?  The RS also studied many of the great mysteries and came to many conclusions. Did you know that they own a piece of kand in PA that has pyramids on it? Secret doors and dark hooded people patrol the area,why?<br /><br />


What this ring is,is like a time capsule of knowledge. This ring through a type of magic holds all the energy and all the knowledge of what they deemed important to study. We like to refer to this as the unbroken band of Fama Fraternitas. This is sterling silver and a size 10.<br /><br />

To use this piece you only need to wear it. No ritual,no meditation,no nothing. Once you have worn it either on a chain or on your finger in about 8 days you will begin to transform yourself to where you will have files in your mind that you may access. It is not really files but what will happen is you will think for example about Napoleons visitation and you will see that being and know what it is all about. Lets say for example you think about the hidden areas of the pyramids and why are they there,you will then know. If you wish to know exactly what the Hell Fire Club did and if you may gain that power you will then know it. These are just examples but this ring goes deep. Remember this group has been around a long time and was made so future generations would have this knowledge. The ring was made for a man but a woman may use it and it will work.

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