Most people acknowledge their family through a family shield, or giving their mother a mother's ring symbolizing the stones of their birthdays. 

This piece was designed for a family to commemorate the members and their births. On the right it showcases the father, then the mother, and then their 3 children.

Most people would depict this as a small token of a family heritage, but not only does it showcase that... it holds the family traditions and powers. The family that this was made for is the Vecca family. The father was trained in White Magic from a Monk in Bolivia. 

His wife was also a member of the majestic society and together they taught and empowered their children with divine powers. 

As each family member asserted their life on Earth, their spirit invoked their depicted adornment on the pin. 

This will bring you mastery white magic abilities as each member of the Decca family will fill you with their channeled abilities and specialty! You will be integrated with extreme telepathic energies that will generate visions of angels, allowing you to visualize techniques of power and unite the forces of pure glory~!

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