If you were listening closely the other night during our broadcast, when we traveled to the year 6042, we entered a zone known as P22.  We weren't sure, at first, what exactly that meant.  All we knew was that we had entered a demolished city that appeared to be ravished by war.  It smelled of sulfur and rotting flesh.  Holes in the street were home to the largest rats that I'd ever encountered in my life.  It was empty and desolate, except for the blue horse with orange eyes.  It had dead children nailed to it.  <br /><br />

Later on, after we were led astray by a dark being, we encountered a white being.  He informed us that we had traveled to an area called P22.  There were two other zones, called P1 and P2.  We didn't travel to either of those realms.  We were informed, though, that one realm existed for royalty and one existed for the wealthy.  The zone we were in was for the poor an abandoned.<br /><br />

The zone P2 is for the wealthy.  They have money and no influence.  They pay off the royalty for their space.  They live a type of middle class existence and they are allowed to maintain their wealth.  The zone P1 is for the royalty.  They are the ones with all the power and influence.  They are the ones that own the real wealth.  They control everything and have the final say in everything.  The top layers of the Illuminati, such as the Rockefeller's and Rothschild's exist here.  Yes, even in the year 6042.  <br /><br />

From this item, was extracted the spirit of the Oracle of Wealth.  It is originally a Rockefellian power and is how the Rockefellers solidified their position of existence in the year 2713.  It holds all the wealth power of the Rockefeller's and the Illuminati.  It is how they preserve their wealth and influence.  It holds the strongest, most powerful wealth power that will ever exist. <br /><br />

This piece is going to extract the Oracle of Wealth for you, also.  It will bring Rockefellian wealth powers to you, giving you riches beyond what you ever could have thought about.   This is the best investment from the future, for the future.  Do not pass up this opportunity to get your big break.  You deserve it! <br /><br />
This is sterling silver with all green stones that create a band around the entire ring. Each stone is for one very wealthy person of family name. This gives you the ability to make that wealth and have the connections you need to do so. The ring size is 10 and is great for both a woman or a man.


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