St. Anthony's Prayer

This piece is a simple little piece that I picked up somewhere along the way. It is an invocation of the spirit of Saint Anthony, who lived a life of servitude to the Lord God, the Mother Mary, and the vilest of transgressors from an array of different paths and lifestyles. He is divined by God, through the condescension of the holy Son of God, Jesus Christ and obtained his powers accordingly.

This little relic that you see here holds the powers of good fortune and holy fate. Now, if you are anything like me, it is quite possible that sometimes you may lose your way. You may get lost along the wayside, or stumble over a stone in your path. Do not fear, because, this piece via the invocation of Saint Anthony, will help you to persevere, not matter what you are going through.

As the Patron Saint of the Lost, in particularly lost souls, it is the intent of Saint Anthony to work on the behalf of God in redeeming transgressors. If you have lost sight of what is important in life, or you feel like there is nothing more you can do, turn to Saint Anthony. This piece will call upon his spirit. He will come to you, wrapping the warmth of his steadfast love around your soul.

Saint Anthony will guide you through your darkest hour of trials and tribulations. He will make a way for you in times of despair and isolation. With his powers, you will make it through. You prevail any road block or obstacle you find in your way and emerge as a better person, stronger than ever. He will give you spiritual cleansing that will wash you free of any spiritual dirt and debris that may be resting on your aura. Your karma will be cleared, and peace and serenity will prevail. He will pull you through, overseeing your mind and soul.

Saint Anthony will go ahead of you, clearing your name and imploring God, the Son, and the Sacred Virgin to grant you your most wanted desires in your most feeble time of weakness. He will lift you up spiritually, giving you the ability to hold counsel will angels and saints for the purposes of receiving divine formation and existence. With this existence, you will be able to pass on your blessings to those around you by shedding the holy blood of Jesus Christ the Nazarene. You will transformed into a vessel that holds all things pure and glorious unto God. It will solidify your place in the holiest of Heavens and in the Kingdom of the New Jerusalem.

Additionally, this piece will make for an excellent way to invoke the spirit of Saint Anthony to find those things which have been lost, stolen, misplaced, etc. I have used the powers in this piece several times, bringing justice to those who stole money from me, and finding my lost car keys, for example.

The piece that you see here can be activated simply by clutching it in your hand or wearing it around your neck while invoking the spirit of Saint Anthony using the following Novena:

“O renowned champion of the faith of Christ, most holy St. Anthony, glorious for your many miracles, obtain for me from the bounty of my Lord and God the grace which I ardently seek in this Novena. O holy St. Anthony, ever attentive to those who invoke you, grant me that aid of your powerful intercession.”

Remember, faith has the power to cure many things. Ask with a pure heart and you shall receive. This piece puts the finishing touches on your request and your prayer WILL be heard. God speed.

What we really like about this piece is that no one knows what it is so your religion is private. We also found out when I went to test this that it also holds other mega charged Saints,Joan of arc, Michael, St. Hilary of poitiers,St. Lucy and St.Peter. This is a beautiful bracelet that almost glows.

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