From all things evil, comes something good.  This can be said of anything negative as it is only the nature of things for positive forces to counter balances those things that are negative.  The perfect example of this is the human body.  If you get a cold or the flu, your white blood cells stop what they are doing to attack the bacteria or virus in an attempt to exile the illness that you body eventually gets rid of naturally.  It's just one of those things, I suppose.  I can't really remember where I got this piece.  I know that I didn't get it at an estate sale or anything like that.  And it wasn't the result of an investigation.  I would remember those types of things.  I think this is actually just a piece that I got luck on.  Maybe I picked it up a consignment sale or an auction.  I know that when I first got this piece I didn't expect to ever gain the results I did.  I mean, we are all about collecting magical pieces and pieces that have power.  However, sometimes you have to buy unique looking jewelry and stuff just for the sake of having some cool looking things.  This is exactly what happened, but I ended up with more than I bargained for in this case. 

The piece actually sat for about a year before I began to notice it calling to me.   It was always the same shadowy figure that would appear to me in the vision that would get of the piece.  It was actually kind of creepy except for that fact that I knew that whatever it was was not out to get me, rather it was trying to communicate with me, so that way I would be certain that there was more to the item than meets the eye.  However, it wasn't always this way, as I saw the same shadowy figure walking the face of the Earth in the likes of black robes.  He would travel the face of the Earth, meeting strangers.  He would lead them to believe that he had their best interests at heart until he turned around and stole their souls for their powers and energies.  He did this for the vast majority of his existence, stealing peoples souls and powers everywhere he went.  He eventually gain notoriety, being called the soul collector.  Most fear him, but that was until he met his match here in a fledling American.  There was a certain coven of witches, which he envied for their powers.  When he tried to besiege their souls they wound up exiling him into a white light vessel, which immediately changed him from the dark entity that he once was into a positive one.  The witches kept the vessel, updating by transferring his existence from one piece to another.  This they did for two reasons-- one, they could make sure he never got free to fall under dark influence again and two, they could use all the powers that had ever captured.  However, let the stolen souls free, because they were no longer necessary to keep. 

These are the two most recent containers that holds the Soul Collector inside.  He has split his presence so that way his magic can be more productive  With this piece, you will get to meet the soul collector.  He will appear to you in white light, because that is his nature now that he has been transformed.  Using this piece, you will able to explore the powers and magic of the soul collector and bring these powers to life in your own mortal existence.  There isn't a whole lot of magic that this piece doesn't hold, because it has been collecting magic since the beginning of time.  You'll just have to bond with the piece and really dig to find the magic that you desire.  Chances are it's there.  This piece will also act as an archive of any magic you ever come across.  All you have to do is tell it to the collector and he will collect the magic for you!  This is a very unique and very powerful piece.  I didn't realize this when I first bought it, but I'm glad I did as it is definitely one of a kind! 

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