Feng Shui can be used for a majority of cures and enlightenment. Most people only ever use Feng Shui for its esoteric abilities, and leave the rest of the Feng Shui's abilities and energies as leftovers, floating in astral space. However, we have created this item to allocate the appropriate Feng Shui energy into this wealth item. Most people aren't aware that you can use this powerful energy of the ancients to attract wealth prosperity and abundance. This piece calls upon the Wealth Buddhas and will affirm the Masters blessings. It will bring you wealth as long as you strive for it and seek it out-- kind of like it helps those who help themselves. It will create an environment in the home and office that promotes and strengthens the energies that will attract wealth and prosperity to you. This piece also works with fame and fortune. Suppose you are a struggling actor or musician busting your tail to make ends meet. This piece will attract and allot the energy necessary to help you find success in your industry at all levels. This inevitably leads to wealth and prosperity. This item is very subtle approach to a very strong source of energy that will have you moving on up in no time. THIS IS AN ADJUSTABLE RING AND IT PATTERN IS WHAT HELPS WITH THE MONEY FLOW AND THE CREATIVITY. THE TOP I BELIEVE IS MOP WITH A REFLECTION THAT GIVES IT THE ARTISTIC ABILITY AND THE METAL HAS BEN PROCESSED TO BRING THE WEALTH.
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