This piece embodies the presence of an ancient spirit wolf named Fenris. We got this piece from a customer in Norway who found it during an investigation but no interest in the piece because it just wasn’t his thing. The item was made by an immortal Viking sorcerer who used ancient Scandinavian magic in doing so. Like I said, this piece embodies the powers of an ancient spirit wolf named Fenris. He is a monstrous and ferocious wolf and the offspring of Loki and Angerboda. During the days of the final cataclysm of Ragnarok, Fenris was set free to swallow both Odin and the Sun. Fenris was slain by Vidar, Odin’s son. This cause the ushering in of the New Age. Fenris, however, lived on in spirit form with his own powers, with Odin’s powers, and the immortality of the Sun. This piece will bring the spirit of Fenris to you. It will create a spiritual bond between Fenris and yourself to bring you the magic and spiritual immortality of a god. The magic you are receiving is of dual divinity and there are basically no limitations on how you can use. This piece will also give you the ability to transmogrify your body into the shape of a spirit wolf at any point in time. This will put you on a network of other spirit wolves that have a higher psychic connection and you willl be able to communicate with them and seek out similar companionship. This piece is a metal wolf pendant on a chain. It is very powerful and we only have one, so whoever gets it first takes the prize!!
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