FERTILE MYRTLE We got this piece from a customer who got this piece from a coven of witches years back when she was having difficulty conceiving children. She and her hubby had tried relentlessly to get pregnant for months and nothing. According to her, as soon as she got this piece it didn’t long until she had a little bundle of joy to call her own. This item invokes the Spirit of Earth Mother, who is the goddess of fertility. It calls upon her spirit three time and invokes her presence to fall upon you. This will allow the woman to heighten her level of synchronization with her environment and her body. She will just “know” when it’s “that” time. It will also work during the union of the partners to increase the woman’s fertility and the man’s potential to lay his seed. It will also work with the zodiac to alter the energies in your mind to make you both more “randy” when that special magic happens!! These elements combined will improve the chances of conception and reproduction!!
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