In Irish folklore, the undersea home of the world's sea nymphs is known as Finchory. Sea nymphs possess incredible curative and healing powers and have been known to grant immortality to a select few whom they deem acceptable of such a gift. On rare occasions they will offer gifts to the human world that will wash ashore or be given to people stranded out at sea or fleeing a sinking vessel.

We received this item from a woman who claims to be a survivor of a famous shipwreck, although she will not disclose which. According to her, the pin was fastened about her while as she clung to a life vest in the panic of people trying to board lifeboats. This unknown force was what we now know as a sea nymph. The woman supposedly felt a great sense of calm and protection flow around her as soon as the piece of jewelry was in her possession and has used the item to protect her throughout the majority of her life, only now, in her old age, feeling that she doesn't need the protection any longer.

This is a genuinely produced item from the race of sea nymphs and it will protect the wearer in any circumstance, both physically and mentally, negating any damage.

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