Wouldn't it be nice to know that while there sre items of protection for situations,curses and all the rest that you could have the most powerful protection against demons? Many people down play demonic activity and I'm not trying to cause fear but I experience these things on a regular basis. Many times you think that oh my workd has gone to hell,you won't believe what has happened to me and it is happening in three's!!! 


Well I do believe you and I know that Shadow people exist and those shadows are dark because they are not creatures of light, These are the angels of darkness commanded by the prince of darkness to do you harm. Now if your not a religious person your pretty much safe as you already are not in the path of light. No offense but if you don't believe in  God or Jesus then Lucifer has no business with you,he already won.


BUT if your a child of God you have a long road to hoe! Your going to be attacked in so many ways it is not funny. It won't be all the time,it might just be some of ther time but why deal with it at all?


Now some may even say that Christian people love to blame the bad on the devil and his demons. But when you really think about it if there had been no sin we would never have to worry about this but that's not the way the cookie crumbled so we deal,we hang in there and many times we take abuse.


This abuse can come in many forms from sickness to trouble with children to divorce,money issues,loss of jobs, and so much more. At worst it could be a possession!


This item,the two rings,you get one are to be worn either on the fingers or around the neck. At a mere sweep of the ring these act as a full blown exorsism that would scare the devil himself.


How is this possible?

There was a priest in London who had to rid a house of more then 33 demons all at once. He felt that for sure he was going to die,his life near ending. Then while commanding them to be gone in the name of Jesus what looked like a fire ball of light came out of his chest. All the demons went awol in a matter of minutes. After he left the house he encountered another woman in the same area who hnad the exact same problem. She told him that she was holding onto her rosary and praying non stop yet it she believed that it was not helping her. As he spoke to her that same light came rom his chest and into her rosary. She went home and demanded that they flee and they did. She could feel the roasry grow warm in her hands.


In knowing this he got these religious rings to do the same thing by adding this supernatural power to them. We tested them at the one boat house that is I swear an open portal to demons and they fled as if on fire.


I only have three of these and only two are on sale. The one I need to keep. You will get one of them. These can't be sized but you may wear them in the water,shower with them and all the rest,

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